Selfish love
13 Rockhouse Club
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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13 Rockhouse Club

Zolly made a 'what's your problem'? face and said ''Mariza I know you've never once even applied a mascara up till now but trust me make up has accentuated your features and you look extremely hot.''

Zolly gave her an assuring smile and clapped her hands before saying ''Mariza let's go we're ready for today's blast'' Zolly did a quick funny dance.

Mariza chuckled and shook her head at Zolly's silliness.She then stood up and said in a loud voice

'Yeah okay this is going to be fine' she said this while giving herself assurance.

They both then went outside and closed the door. Zolly's blue SUV was parked near her quarter and she said 'Thank god you saved me today my mum wanted me to go with her at shopping and you're aware how much it bores me to death' she said it with a smile.

Mariza smiled back and they both sat in the car and placed seat belts that's when Mariza noticed from the rear view mirror that Salvot and Valz were at the back side and were wearing expensive t-shirts,tight jeans,chains, excessive silver bracelets and silver rings it seemed like both were going out in a party. Valz was talking to someone on his phone whereas Salvot was sitting in their Audi 6 waiting for Valz.

Zolly pinched Mariza's arm and took her out of her reverie and said 'They are hot I know that but staring at them like that might make us look like creeps don't you think that?'

Mariza looked at Zolly and said 'Who said they're hot' and gave her friend a 'have you lost ur mind' look.

Zolly knew that Mariza had deep admiration for Valz but she never highlighted it much because it seemed to upset her she knew his behavior with her.

Zolly chuckled and started the car and Mariza once again looked back and found both brothers sitting in the car with arrogant expressions on their faces. Mariza shook her head at their arrogance and muttered to herself 'What's there to be proud of'.

Zolly started the car and said while driving 'Mariza have you thought of the place we're going tonight?'

Mariza shook her head and said 'No I didn't get the time to think that sorry'.Zolly smiled at her and said 'Don't worry I will get that handled' they got out of the mansion and Mariza asked her doubtfully 'What? where are we going'

Zolly said in an elated tone ''You remember that famous club 'Rockhouse' which is owned by Archer brothers best friend Adam woods''?

Mariza looked at her with a shocked look and shook her head ''The one which holds a grand party every Saturday....hey wait today is Saturday,right?'' her voice was curious.

Zolly nodded and said 'Yeah that's the one and I think Archer brothers were also dressed up for that party well I didn't see Caspjoe let's see''

Upon hearing this Mariza said in a loud voice 'No I'm not going there let's just go to a park Zolly please' her voice was pleading.

Zolly said in a surprised tone 'Park? kill me please'.Mariza narrowed her eyes and said in a petulant voice 'Okay fine then an ice cream parlor?'

Zolly laughed at Mariza's stupidity and shook her head.


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