Selfish love
14 Shout out to my Ex
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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14 Shout out to my Ex

Mariza rolled her eyes and said in a defeated tone ''Okay but please Zolly can we grab a scarf before going to the club I just feel a little exposed this shirt is showing my cleavage''

Zolly sighed and said in a soft voice ''You just need to relax we'll order margarita and it'll help you calm down,okay?''

Mariza said 'Yeah but-

Zolly turned on the music to a high volume and Mariza knew the reason quite well and muttered ''Bitch'' before looking out of the window.

Afterwards Zolly got the reservations due to her father's influential status in the city.The surroundings of the Rockhouse club were spectacular and there was delirium outside.The parking lot was almost packed and the there was lightening every where.

The chilly wind was blowing and Mariza shivered a little.These types of situations always seemed to make her nervous due to her introversion.

Mariza's heart was palpitating at a higher rate than usual and this worried her a lot.They both got out of the car and sound of the song 'Shout out to my ex' by little mix was echoing every where.

Zolly looked at Mariza with a smile on her face and said ''Mariza I won't let anyone belittle you and you know that,right? Trust me''

Mariza took a deep breath before replying in a quivering voice 'It's just the cold night Zolly I'm fine.Let's go''

They both looked at their appearances in the huge mirror outside. Mariza's black hair matched with her white crop top and her black chucks were borrowed from Zolly.

She kept fidgeting with her top.They both sauntered towards the entrance and the bodyguards smoothly let them in. As soon as they entered the club the deafening sound of music entered their ears.Guys and girls were dancing to the beat.Girls were wearing mini skirts and bras or god knows what it was called.They had no worries and their confidence impressed Mariza.

All types of guys were in the club from chic to pierced ones.A group of emo guys were smoking pot and were using drugs. Four girls who were almost naked clinged to the poles.

Everyone looked three sheet to the wind. Zolly quickly held Mariza's hand to again reassure her that she won't leave her.

Mariza scanned the opulent club to see any sign of Archer brothers or their friends and after checking out for at least four minutes she got a sigh of relief and she thought that they were definitely going somewhere else.

Mariza smiled to herself and then she got a glimpse of Zolly chattering with her high school senior Ryan miller.When Zolly caught Mariza's eye she quickly signed her to join them.Ryan looked at where Zolly was looking and he looked at Mariza and gave her a quick once-over before giving her a smile which looked more like a smirk.

Mariza hesitated beofore finally joining them. Zolly said in an overjoyed tone ''Mariza do you remember Ryan?


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