Selfish love
15 Search for Valz
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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15 Search for Valz

Mariza nodded half-heartedly. Zolly ordered a margarita and gave it to Mariza with a smile plastered on her face.

Mariza looked at Ryan and found him peeking at her cleavage. Mariza uncomfortably averted her gaze and held her glass close to her chest in order to hinder his gaze.

'Mariza you've become very pretty' Ryan said in a husky tone. Mariza quickly looked at him surprisingly as if he had grown three heads. Zolly nodded her head and said in a chirpy tone

'She's pretty inside out' her voice only held appreciation.

Mariza said 'Uh thanks It's just make up nothing more' Mariza was never god at receiving compliments and her reply always made the situations awkward.

''I told you Mariza will be here'' This rough voice came from behind them and Mariza knew it was Salvot's voice.

The three of them looked back to find Salvot and Joe standing with hands in their pockets.They both had cocky smirks on their faces.

Joe said with a laugh ''Yeah you were right,asshole''

he then looked at Mariza from top to bottom then whistled ''Marz can you get more sexier baby?''

Salvot chuckled and shook his head at Joe's flirtatious behavior but Mariza wasn't listening anything her eyes were searching for Valz but she couldn't seem to notice him with all of this noise and crazy dancing of people.

Salvot noticed her absence of mind and cleared his throat before putting his hand on Mariza's shoulder ''Mariza it seems like you're feeling alone let's dance''

Ryan narrowed his eyes at Salvot and said in a whiny voice ''I was here before you and was going to ask her to dance''

Salvot heard this and gave Ryan a heated stare before saying ''Oh yeah? that's fine but I doubt a mama's little boy like you would even be able to dance'' his voice shouted sarcasm.

Upon hearing Zolly said in a frustrated tone ''Stop you guys let's just dance,okay?''

Joe looked at Zolly and said ''I don't know your name but I think you look hot,wanna dance?''

Zolly looked at him and blushed before nodding her head.Joe winked at Mariza before going to the dance floor with Zolly.

Mariza again searched for Valz with her eyes but still didn't find him.She then noticed Salvot and Valz giving each other death stares.

Mariza said in a hushed tone ''Salvot if Zolly comes tell her I'm going to bathroom,okay?''

Salvot looked at her and raised his eyebrows before saying

''Mariza I'm actually not your assistant well you know that,right?'' he said in a funny voice.

He didn't even wait for her reply before going towards the strippers who were clinging to poles.

Mariza shook her head and was about to go when Ryan chimed in

''Mariza I will tell her don't worry you can give me your drink I will give it to you when you come back,okay?'' his voice was soft and Mariza nodded before saying,

''Thank you I'm sorry Salvot was a little rude to you he's like this to everyone don't worry.'' her voice was apologetic.

Ryan said nonchalantly ''Oh that's okay I understand that'' he then smiled before taking her drink from her hand.

Mariza nodded before going to the bathroom through the crowd of people.


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