Selfish love
16 Girls like you
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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16 Girls like you

Mariza was washing her hands when she saw Tanya stutter in. She was the self-entitled cousin of Archer brothers. Mariza quickly started drying her hands with the towel because she wasn't in mood to fight someone who looked down upon others and who was a total brat.

But when Mariza looked up she found Tanya looking at her with a sneer on her face. She was wearing a golden strapless dress with her black pencil heels. Her hair were straight and shiny as if she was ready for a photo session.

Mariza said in a polite voice 'hello' Tanya came closer to Mariza and said with a tight expression on her face, ''Marina right? what are you doing here'' Tanya once again took her name wrong intentionally.

Mariza shook her head and said, ''Your question seems a bit irrelevant to me because I don't have to be accountable to you that why I'm in a place where humans come'' her voice was calm but her words seemed to change expressions on Tanya's face.

Tanya calmed her nerves and gave curt laugh, ''Of course this club is for humans but girls like you have a label you know that,right?'' There is no use of arguing with a self-conceited girl Mariza thought to herself.

Mariza said ''Goodbye Taliya'' before charging out of bathroom.This time she also took her name wrong. Mariza laughed to herself.

As soon as she came out of bathroom she wasted no time and spotted Zolly drinking beer while talking to Ryan.She was about to go there when she felt someone's presence behind her and she was quick to smell the Chanel Grand perfume that Valz only used.

Mariza's face brightened up and she was about to rotate back when Valz pulled Mariza close to himself and pressed his chest to her back.His lips were hovering at her neck. Mariza shivered and said in a breathy tone ''Valz you're here''.

Valz trailed his fingers on her back and she whimpered a little before realizing that they were in a club with a plethora of people watching.

Mariza then immediately pulled herself back while panting hard and said in a low voice before setting her hair.

Valz said in a harsh voice, ''Why did you pull back?'' Mariza was about to say that she was not going to do this in public when Valz said,

''Girls like you always are desperate for attention and now when you're playing 'hard to get' game,right?'' his voice was annoyed.

Mariza was surprised at his words and a little irritated by everyone referring her as 'Girls like you'.What was different with girls like me that everyone seems to point that out. She thought to herself.


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