Selfish love
17 Confusion
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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17 Confusion

Mariza said, ''Sorry it's just-

Before she could complete her sentence Zolly interrupted them with her cheerful voice, ''Everything's okay,guys?'' her expressions were concerned. Valz looked at her and got confused like he's never seen her.

''Who are you?'' he said in a harsh tone. Zolly's concerned expressions transformed into surprised.She was equally shocked as Mariza was because they'd no idea that Valz was not familiar with the fact that Zolly was her best friend.

She cleared her throat but before she could say anything Mariza chimed in, ''She's my best friend''

Zolly then smiled and Valz nodded his head in acknowledgement. Mariza was staring at Valz unwaveringly and she seemed to really like the way his were set in a spiky way.

Valz then said ''I've something to do you guys enjoy''. Zolly nodded but then she seemed to remember something, ''Mariza Ryan's waiting for us let's go''.Valz was about to leave but he froze when he heard this and cocked his eyebrows before saying, ''Who the fuck is Ryan?''

Zolly looked at him with disbelief before quietly pointing at Ryan who was talking with a sorority chick. Ryan's hands were exploring that girl's thighs Mariza didn't know whether he was doing this shameful act intentionally.

Valz then checked his watch before saying, ''Well I have plenty of time I'll go with you guys''

Zolly nodded in a lively manner. Mariza was baffled that why he was going with them rather than doing the work he was going for earlier.

She put all her thoughts at the back of her mind. The three of them then sauntered towards Ryan and when he seemed to notice them he quickly pulled his hands back from that girl's thighs and averted his gaze.The girl who had her nude lip gloss on her lips pouted and said in a childish tone, ''What happened?''

The girl then noticed the three of them and made an 'o' with her mouth.Ryan smiled at Mariza which more looked like a fake smile and she wasn't sure why was he blanching he was free to do anything.It really confused Mariza.

The girl who was with Ryan was shamelessly ogling at Valz and licked her lips. Mariza narrowed her eyes at that girl and put her hand on strong chest . Valz got surprised at Mariza's boldness and said in a mocking tone, ''Who told you you can touch me?'' he then removed Mariza's hand with a smirk on his face.

Mariza got really mortified and was ready to leave when the sorority girl said in a fake sugary tone, ''Hey I've actually seen you in InStyle magazine in fact I have read about your whole family'' her voice seemed to irritate Mariza and the way the girl was trying to flirt with him.

Valz looked at that girl said in an ironic voice, ''So you expect me to say thank you for reading that shit?''


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