Selfish love
18 Girl power
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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18 Girl power

The girl was about to reply when Salvot came stuttering and exuding overconfidence. He looked at that girl and said in a doubtful voice, ''Hey wait I know you what's your name'' the girl's face paled and she cleared her throat before saying in a low voice,

''I'm Perrie and we hooked up before two days'' she looked embarrassed. Ryan chuckled and muttered in a mocking tone, ''What a slut you are Perrie'' his voice was shockingly impertinent

Perrie gasped and narrowed her eyes at Ryan but before she could retort Mariza placed her clutch on the table and neared closer to Ryan until they were face to face. Valz raised his eyebrows and asked in a curious tone, ''What the hell Mariza?''

Mariza didn't reply to him and said in a awfully threatening voice, ''You little piece of shit If you're calling her a slut then you're no less than a manslut'' she was practically seething.

Some people started to notice the verbal fight that was taking place and a group of emo guys started to chant, ''FIGHT'' ''YEAH FIGHT''. Ryan stood there looking shocked and it looked like he was out of words but Mariza wasn't going to cut him some slack.

She then said in a clam voice, ''It it because of guys like you that nowadays women are categorized and they are given labels like whores and sluts.You should be ashamed of yourself.'' She then took a step back and gave Perrie a glance before pivoting towards Valz.

Valz was standing there speechless and then Zolly joined them by patting Mariza's back Zolly said in gobsmacked voice, ''Oh my God Mariza look at him he's still standing there he hasn't even moved a little.look at his face it look's like the boy is in awe of your girl power'' she giggled like a manaic.

Valz looked at Mariza with a strange expression and said in a husky voice, ''Where is your girl power when you talk to me?'' it seemed like he was making fun of her but he was really asking a logical thing.

Mariza was always weak when it came to Valz and she hated it. Mariza ignored his question by saying, ''Where's your appreciation?'' she then shook her head before seeing that Joe was coming into their direction with none other than Tanya. He was holding her waist and Tanya was wearing a condescending expression.

Valz grinned at Mariza and said in a coarse voice, ''It seems like someone's begging to get appreciated.Fuck that wasn't something extraordinary'' his voice was teasing.


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