Selfish love
19 Doub
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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19 Doub

Mariza narrowed her eyes at him and muttered in a low voice, ''You have your life to act like a jerk why not take a day off today,eh?'' her voice was sarcastic.

They were soon joined by Joe and Tanya. Joe had a lipstick mark on his cheek and Tanya's lipstick was a little smeared and it didn't take an expert to tell that they've hooked up'' Joe smiled at Zolly whose expressions had transformed from elated to gloomy.

Mariza wasn't sure but she had a little idea that it was because of that mark on Joe's cheek.

Valz looked at Tanya's multi-colored hair streaks and said, ''Come on Tanya I didn't expect this shoddy sense of styling from you'' he then looked at Joe and said in a mocking tone, ''Oh I forgot my brother has a shit taste''

Joe laughed and shook his head before saying, ''Fuck you at least I don't make my dick a temple'' he said that emphasizing the words.

Valz said, ''You're a proud fuckboy'' he then patted Joe's shoulder before saying pointing at Tanya , ''Check her before bumping uglies It won't be nice when Kenfey Archer knows that his son has caught STDs'' he said in a low voice.''

Tanya pouted and said, ''I'm clean and I don't need to prove that Valz'' Mariza felt a little out of this conversation and she and Zolly gave each other a shocked stare.

Valz looked at Tanya before saying, ''Like I give a fuck Tanya'' he then grinned at Joe before taking his keys from the manager.He was dipping out of the party.

Mariza went out after Valz and saw him talking to a guy who looked like a drug addict. Valz then took out money from his car and the guy in exchange gave him a box. Mariza became confused.

What was he purchasing from a guy who looked like a drug addict. It seemed like the guy would at anytime collapse on the ground.

Mariza wanted to ask Valz about it but she gave it up on the temptation and went back towards the club with a defeated expression her face.

Zolly's face lighted up upon seeing Mariza and she squealed before saying, ''i know you're going to say let's go go home but please let me a dance a little before I go back to that isolated home of mine'' her voice was pleading.


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