Selfish love
20 Mariza?
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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20 Mariza?

Mariza absent-mindedly nodded her head because she was only present physically.Her mind was somewhere else. Zolly shrieked and hugged her. Mariza looked clearly at Zolly and noticed that she was completely drunk.

Mariza muttered, ''What the hell Zolly? you told me you were not going to drink beer'' her voice was tired. Zolly made a serious face and put a finger on her lips while stumbling a little and then she burst in to a fit of giggles.

Mariza took a deep breath before waffling between her options. She could drive Zolly's car and take her home but she was a shit driver or she could just ask Joe or Salvot for help but they had their egos bigger than their dicks.

She was in a dilemma and was with one hand holding Zolly's arm when suddenly someone tapped on her shoulder. She rotated on her shoes to see the earlier girl Perrie standing chewing a bubble gum. She first looked a Zolly and then shifted her gaze to Mariza and said in a soft tone, ''Hey thanks for defending me against that airhead'' she was surprisingly here to thank Mariza.

Mariza sighed and said in a soft voice, ''No worries I just can't stand anyone proudly pronouncing gibberish and being an explicit misogynist.'' she then saw that Zolly was trying to free her arm from Mariza's hold.

Mariza frustratingly freed her arm and Perrie asked her in a curious tone, ''Is anything wrong? I can help'' her voice was quiet honest.

Mariza thought for a second before replying in a low voice, ''Thanks I'll manage'' Perrie smiled a little and said, ''Hey listen I know people think a little differently about me well I don't know about you but I can be a lunatic bitch sometimes this doesn't mean I will deny if you want help'' she then sat down on couch before taking out her mobile.

Mariza also sat beside her and saw Tanya and Joe dancing like deranged animals on the song ''What makes you beautiful''. Whereas Zolly was dancing to the beat with none other than Ryan Miller. Perrie let out a bitter laugh after seeing them both together and said, ''You friend seems a bit shameless,eh?'' her voice was full of aversion.

Mariza shook her head and said, ''She's just drunk and isn't aware what she's doing''. Mariza then got up and asked Perrie, ''I'm thirsty do you need water?'' her voice was loud because of the obstreperous sound of music.

Perrie made a 'Are you serious' face and asked ''Who drinks water in this club?''. Mariza smiled and said, ''I already had a half glass of-

She stopped mid-sentence and remembered that Ryan had her Margarita and she went towards the bar and saw her half-sipped margarita on the table.

She quickly grabbed the glass and guzzled it down her throat.

She then went back to where Perrie was sitting and saw her re-applying her nude lipstick. Mariza sat down and her eyes searched for Zolly but she was nowhere to be found.

She tried to get up to find her but as soon as she stood up her body felt feeble and her senses started to numb. Mariza let out a whimper and her eyes were shutting down. She could hear Perrie's voice, ''Mariza what's happening?''

''Mariza?'' her voice was in no time less than a gentle whisper.


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