Selfish love
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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''Miss what happened wake up'' a worried voice suddenly popped up bringing Mariza's senses back to the world. Her head was aching so bad and her body was sore she was even unable to open her eyes. Mariza let out a shout of pain and tears began to roll down from her cheeks.

It seemed like someone was constantly piercing her skin. Her body couldn't take more pain and she dealt with it by screaming.

It looked like her body was lying in an uneven path of road. Her ears could detect the voices of vehicles stopping in order to see a girl lying on a deserted road with tattered clothes. Sounds of people capturing pictures.

''Look at her she has blood on her hands'' More voices started to chime in.

''Forget that her clothes are half torn'' Mariza could just hear gasping sounds of people.

''Wait let me take a picture'' an aged man said it.

''Enough! leave this girl alone everyone before I call police'' a kind voice of the earlier man who had asked her to wake up suddenly quietened everyone.

''Whatever old man you can deal with this lifeless body'' a boy said it with attitude.

''Yeah nobody gives a shit'' Mariza started moaning due to the unbearable pain.

Mariza tried to speak still she couldn't open her eyes. Opening her eyes even making a sound seemed like a struggle. Eventually she gathered up her strength and gradually opened her eyes while making whimpering sounds.

Mariza's feeble eyes saw a plethora of people standing and staring as if she was entirely of different planet. She could taste the salty tears in her mouth.

Then her eyes noticed a generous-looking man looking at her with pure concern. Dirt marks were smudged all over his face and his eyebrows were creased. His clothes revealed that he was a construction worker or a labor.

When he noticed that Mariza had opened her eyes he quickly came a little near and asked in a polite voice, ''Are you all right?'' he then looked at Mariza's hands and instantly added, ''I think you need to go to the hospital'' his voice was full of worry.

Upon hearing this she immediately shook her head and said in a raspy painful voice, ''No please don't do that'' she couldn't even bring a thought of going to the police or doctor in her mind.

Even thinking about it made her shiver with fear. The man's face became confused and he said in an apologetic tone, ''That's exactly what should I do you face is bruised. You have blood all over your hands I highly doubt that you're fine'' he then picked out his mobile from the pocket and began to dial.

Upon seeing this Mariza shouted with all her strength, ''NOO PLEASE I BEG YOU DON'T CALL POLICE''

When the man heard the word 'police' he really became baffled. He then went on to clarify his actions, ''Child don't be afraid I'm calling an ambulance not police''

But Mariza wasn't listening it she went on screaming, ''DON'T CALL THEM PLEASE'' tears once again started to roll down her eyes blurring her vision.


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