Selfish love
22 I ruined her
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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22 I ruined her

Mariza's body started to shake in a continuous manner and the old man put back his phone in order to relax her nerves. He said in a slightly confused voice while patting her left shoulder, ''Okay just calm down and give me your home address'' the man was already irritated by the random remarks that the on-lookers were spouting.

Mariza coughed uncontrollably and tried to speak but her frail body could not endure even speaking a word and she was lying limply on the uneven road. She closed her eyes but that didn't help in the least as as soon as her eyes closed the horrible images and screams of what had happened enshrouded her mind.

She opened her eyes and sobbed despite her constrictive throat. Her hands were smeared with filth and dried blood was on her hands. Upon seeing the blood Mariza shivered at the terrifying memory. The old man appeared with a bottle of water and a long white scarf. Mariza was hiccuping repeatedly and he opened the lid before giving her the bottle.

Mariza grabbed the bottle with her weak hands and she gulped down the water in two sips. After drinking a little water her mind cleared a little but the throbbing in her head was similar to someone throwing pebbles on her body.

The man crouched down to where Mariza was lying and said in a soft tone, ''What's your name?'' his voice was curious. Mariza looked at him replied, ''Mariza'' her voice was broken.

He nodded his head and said, ''Can you explain to me what exactly happened?'' he then started to cover her body with that long scarf. Mariza made it easier for him by getting up a little.

Mariza shook her her before saying, ''She was my best friend I ruined everything'' her voice was guilt-ridden and lost. Mariza immersed herself in that horrid memory,

''Mariza he smells of alcohol please call someone'' Zolly said in a scared tone. Mariza stumbled a little before saying, ''What are you doing here with him?'' she asked Zolly in a slurred tone.

Mariza was completely drunk and her mind was not even registering a single thing. Zolly arms had bruises and her nose was bleeding. Her blue short dress was nowhere to be seen on her body. her clothing of bra and underwear was only left and Zolly tried to conceal herself with her hands but all in vain.

Mariza chuckled madly, ''What are you hiding? let me see'' she then collapsed to the floor with a loud thud. Tears were swamping Zolly's eyes and she couldn't believe what had happened to Mariza and why was she acting like this.

''Mariza tell Perrie to call someone this is not a safe place'' Zolly shouted while nearing closer to Mariza.

Mariza made a stern face instantly and said, ''Who is Perrie?'' while scratching her head then she made an 'o' with her mouth before laughing like a demented person.

She sauntered towards Zolly until she was face to face with her and playfully pinched her shoulder before slurring, ''You didn't tell me that you were a lesbian'' she then rolled her eyes.

Zolly closed her eyes while tears were pouring from her eyes.


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