Selfish love
23 You don“t mess with me
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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23 You don“t mess with me

Zolly gradually opened her eyes and they were rimmed with red color. She gave Mariza a tight slap on her face. Mariza gasped and her laughing expression transformed into shocked.

She bowed her head and vomited while coughing. Zolly's tears fell on Mariza's shoulder and she revolted with a whimper. ''He tricked you Mariza didn't he?'' she then let out a an ugly sob.

Mariza made a surprised face and looked at Zolly's clothing and shouted, ''Wha..why are you not wearing anything and wait what is this place?'' she said this while registering her surroundings.

''You really don't know or are you pretending to be oblivious to the fact that he brought us here in order to **** us?'' Zolly then neared closer to Mariza while giving her a once-over before saying, ''We are doomed Mariza'' she then said while wiping her tears ''You really don't know what is happening?''

Mariza shook her head. She again looked at the room it was a more of a hut with nude pictures of models and porn stars sticking to the walls. Mariza gasped and asked, ''Who is it Zolly?''

Zolly shook her head and collapsed on the floor while crying, ''Mar..r.'' she couldn't get the words out of her mouth it seemed like the words were stuck in her throat.

Suddenly the door opened and Ryan Miller came inside with a smirk etched on his face. He whsitled upon seeing Zolly's half-naked body and said, ''I knew that you had a nice booty'' his words made Mariza disgusted and she said while looking at Ryan, ''You really think you can act like this? how dare you strip my friend down look's like you're never going to learn your lesson'' her voice quivered a little.

Ryan looked at Mariza with wrath evident on his face and came closer to Mariza before and his breath smelled of booze.

Mariza tried to push him with hands but he punched her face with a hard fist and Mariza screamed in agony.

Zolly's sobs and Mariza's excruciating noise of agony was not even bothering Ryan in the least and he had a smile on his face.

''Bitch you don't mess with me'' he rambled these words on Mariza's face. He then began to unbutton his his shirt with a sleazy expression on his face.


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