Selfish love
24 Guil
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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24 Guil

''Girl what happened?'' the old man asked bringing her back to the present. Mariza shook her head weakly and said in a low voice, ''Thank you for helping me'' out of all the people this man had shown an ounce of humanity whereas other people were busy making comments without knowing what actually happened. This man was helping her out of compassion.

''I cannot leave you here let me take you to my home my wife will dress up your wounds'' he sounded sincere but after all the chaos she was not going to trust anyone so she said, ''No it..t-

''Okay let me bring you bandages and first-aid box? because your body has deep gashes and there's no guarantee that they won't get infected'' his eyebrows creased and Mariza remained silent.

After a long pause she said in a hesitant voice, ''Just....take me to Kenfey mansion'' the man's face became puzzled and he asked in a surprised tone, ''What? why there? Are you familiar with Archers?'' he almost sounded curious.

Mariza said while coughing, ''Just a servant there nothing more'' the man tentatively nodded his head and cleared his throat before saying, ''Okay let me call a taxi you stay here okay?'' Mariza nodded.

She didn't know why she asked him to drop her to Kenfey mansion despite knowing that what the consequences will be. Mariza thought that everyone will hate her and she was not strong enough to face the wrath. What had happened that night was only my fault I could have handled everything but I didn't Mariza thought to herself.

The shame she was feeling now was immersed in her mind and it felt like that this feeling will never leave her mind.

''The cab's here wait don't put too much weight on one hand let me help you'' the man helped Mariza to get up with great care and she shrieked in pain.

He made her sit in the cab and Mariza's back was hurting. Her tears blurred her vision and it looked like she was again going to retch. The man shut the car door before lowering the windows. He himself sat in the front seat.

Mariza could see her face reflection from the front rear view mirror and her skin was bruised badly with a fresh scar on her forehead. Her skin was pale and that pale complexion we see in a jaundice patient.

She almost closed her eyes before taking a deep breath. Her face resembled a person who had spent a whole week without food and her eyes had dark circles.

The driver started the car and Mariza breathed the fresh air. She was scared of everyone's reactions and the remarks she'll get after going there. Mariza was more worried about what Valz will say or if he will even want to see her face.

She was ashamed of herself and the guilt was gnawing in her insides constantly reminding of that horrendous night.


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