Selfish love
25 Why don“t you want to go?
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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25 Why don“t you want to go?

The cab was nearing closer to the mansion and with that Mariza's heartbeat was quickening. Her throat was drying up and her body was sore with what had happened and she was sure that her abdomen will be also scarred because that was where she felt the pain most.

They finally reached the outside of the 'Kenfey mansion' and Mariza instantly said, ''Just stop....stop the car'' she was practically muttering.

The driver confusingly killed the engine and looked at the old man with an annoyed face, ''Here?'' the old man nodded and handed him $2.60 dollars. He got out of car and opened back side door to get her out but she was frozen on her seat.

''Can you please....please take me back'' she said in a fearful voice. ''I...I just....want-

He became baffled and asked her, ''What why? Is everything alright?'' Mariza's throat constricted.

One of the security guards of the mansion approached them and said in an authoritative tone, ''What's all this commotion? Leave-'' but as soon as his gaze met battered Mariza who was trying to hide her face with the scarf he quietened.

''Mariza? Is it you?'' everyone in the mansion was familiar with her especially this security guard Paul because he was good friends with her parents. Mariza pleaded while crying, ''Don't tell anyone I beg you Paul please'' she hiccuped.

his expressions turned stern and he said, ''Are you serious? Oh God what's with your face what happened. You cheek has a nasty bruise'' then he saw her arms covered with dried blood. She tried to conceal it.

He said in a loud tone, ''Someone hit you? are you hurt? where were you?'' he quickly bombarded her with these questions but she wasn't going to answer them and stay silent.

''Valz and Joe will beat me to death if I hide you I'm sorry I can't hide you Mariza'' he said in an apologetic voice.

After seeing this the old man chimed in, ''Why don't you want to go back?'' he asked this relevant question frustratingly.

She didn't reply and got out of the car with a defeated expression on her face. Her movements were quite slow as if she didn't want to even see the mansion.

The cab left and Paul was left surprised upon seeing Mariza's body.

Paul looked at the old man and thanked him and Mariza smiled feebly before murmuring goodbye and now she felt really alone. Mariza sighed and was about to ask him about the details that was happening inside when his phone ringed.

Paul answered it by saying, ''Yes sir the clients left already''

Mariza knew it was Kenfey Archer by the scared expression on Paul's face.

He ended the phone call and said, ''Okay let me take you inside are you able to stand without stumbling?''

Mariza nodded and they started to pass through the gate.


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