Selfish love
26 Where is she?
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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26 Where is she?

Paul was continuously stealing glances at Mariza's injured body and she was limping badly. She was struggling to keep pace with him.

Paul stopped in front of the fibre glass door and looked at her with a doubtful gaze, ''Mariza Ma'am Malifiya is in a huffy mood I don't know what she is going to do with you'' his tone was a little apologetic. Was her giving her a warning?

What could be so bad about her sulky mood? She had always endured Malifiya's tantrums so what heinous she could do now? She was ready to face her despite her crippling condition. She smiled weakly and nodded. Paul sighed and said, ''Mariza wait Valz has been in a very bad condition since you left-

Mariza gasped and said, ''What happened to him? Is he fine?'' her concern surprised Paul and he shook his head before saying, ''Nothing.....just go inside''. What was he hiding? what does he mean by 'bad condition and why would he even be bothered by Mariza's abduction? She thought to herself.

Paul was hesitant to go inside so was Mariza but they had no option so eventually they entered the lavish mansion. It was deadly silent like no one was in the house.

Paul was taking her to the side of Kenfey's office and she was following Paul like a scaredy-cat. She asked Paul while staggering, ''Paul...where are you-

''I SAID SHUT UP'' Mariza jumped upon hearing Val'z angry voice coming from his father's office. Paul froze on the spot. They became really shocked.

''So you're old enough to tell your parents to shut up? Is this what your mother taught to you?'' Malifiya's wicked voice echoed in the room.

''One word against my mother and you'll regret it bitch'' Joe's low yet menacing voice surprised Mariza. She never heard Joe being this much potent in front of others. She could hear Malifiya cursing in a low voice and Salvot chuckling.

''Enough all of you'' their father growled. It was followed by complete silence. Paul shook his head in disbelief.

What was all this fuss about? Mariza was really confused. The reason that they were quarreling was beyond her.

''Where is she? for Jesus sake fucking tell me'' Valz said in a frustrating tone. Could it be that they were talking about her? Mariza quickly dispersed the thought and shook her head.


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