Selfish love
27 Scars
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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27 Scars

Mariza's condition was not stable physically and also emotionally. The torture she had suffered was unbearable to some extent. The white scarf that the old man gave it to her was doing little to cover her body.

Scars and bruises were pretty evident and she was not ready to face Malifiya or anyone else. People were going to doubt, make assumptions and blame her for something that wasn't in her control.

Mariza was quite sure that Zolly would never forgive her. The thought of that night made her close her eyes tightly and when she was about to take deep breaths,

Paul said, ''Mariza what are you waiting for? Go in'' he was telling her to do something which would create chaos as the relations were already strained between the Archer family.

She just didn't want to create more upheaval in this house by appearing out of the blue after disappearing for almost two days. Paul said in a frustrating voice, ''I'm worried for you they'll-

''Who is it Paul?'' Mariza widened her eyes at the sudden interruption of Kenfey Archer. He surprisingly gazed at Mariza and didn't even bother to see her condition before shouting at Paul, ''Was this girl with you?'' his voice gave chills to Mariza. She had never seen him this much angry. Paul stuttered, ''Sir....''

Mariza could hear the clicking of heels of Malifiya and Salvot muttering ''What the fuck''.

Mariza was looking down at her feet and she noticed that that her thumb of left foot had a fresh cut. She didn't dare to look up because she was scared to see the hatred and disappointment on Valz's face.

She was quite certain that he hated her and was just toying around with her whenever he got bored.

Everybody was silent and the only sound she could hear was Joe cursing expletives. So he really was mad at her.

''See? here this girl is with this piece of shit Paul,am I right Mariza?'' She viciously said these words while giving Paul a hard stare. Mariza gasped still looking at her feet.

Were they misunderstanding her for running away with Paul? It can' this. She ddin't know that Malifiya could be this much of a negative thinker.

''Wait...Valz where-'' Mariza heard Kenfey's loud voice and then she saw a shadow in front of herself and without a doubt it was Valz. His intimidating presence was undeniable so was his appearance.

He neared more closer to her and he grabbed her arm gently like she was a fragile feather. Mariza gradually uppered her head and dared to look at him in the eyes.

That was when she saw moisture appearing in his eyes and he had a pained expression his face. Mariza slightly gaped before a tear fell down from her eyes. She quickly released Valz's hold from her arm and took a step backward.


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