Selfish love
28 Don“t you ever blame her
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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28 Don“t you ever blame her

''Don't touch me'' Mariza said in a low voice with her lips tightly clasped together. Valz looked at her with a concerned expression etched on his face. His face looked more handsome than she had seen before with his hair messy falling on his forehead. Mariza noticed a black chain on his neck.

Mariza was staring at his utterly beautiful face when Malifiya came between them with a wicked expression on her face, ''Had a rough night?'' her face swiveled towards Paul and she pointed at him ''with that guard?'' she then looked at her body full with bruises and smiled.

Valz gave a bitter laugh and said, ''We all know that you're trying to make up everything so just stay the hell outta this you get this?'' Joe joined him by saying,

''Ma'am Malifiya you don't want me to tell dad something about you,right?'' Joe smirked at her and then looked at Salvot and they both bumped their fists before laughing as if they were lunatics.

Malifiya was going to spout something but after hearing this she quietened as if she had suddenly remembered something.

Joe mockingly saluted her. Kenfey furrowed his eyebrows at Malifiya and it seemed like the secret was between her and the Archer brothers.

''Yeah she spent the night with me'' Mariza thought that her ears had not heard that rightly but Paul had really said this with a stern expression on his face.

Mariza gaped at him and for a moment she was unable to speak. She really thought he was joking, ''What?'' Mariza couldn't believe that Paul was telling a despicable lie without any reason.

Malifiya made a face that said 'I knew that' and looked at Mariza as if she were rubbish. Archer brothers were in a daze.

The anger that was evident on Valz face seemed to shock Mariza and Paul. Before she could even process everything Valz punched Paul really hard on his cheek.

Paul moaned in pain and cursed slightly. Everyone was shocked to see Valz like this. Valz shouted, ''I know she's innocent so don't you ever blame her'' he then punched his already bruised face one more time and them said, ''or that won't be good for you''.

The whole room fell silent.


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