Selfish love
29 Dark shadows
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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29 Dark shadows

Why was Paul doing this? Mariza was aware of the fact that he liked her not in a negative but in a brotherly way. She never got an ill feeling whenever he was around or when he used to talk to her. Why do I have to suffer from everything bad? The trauma of that horrid night was constantly resurfacing in her mind.

Everyone thought of her as a scapegoat and nothing more than that but the way Valz was defending her was really a thought-provoking thing. He was not a guy who was used to speaking on someone's behalf but now he really was protecting her from vicious allegations of Paul and Malifiya.

A sudden stabbing pain occurred in Mariza's abdomen and she whimpered amid all this chaos and violence. Her shoulder muscles weakened and she collapsed on the floor with a thud. The white scarf that was covering her body fell besides her and now all the bruises could be explicitly seen by everyone.

Upon seeing this Valz was about to come to her when suddenly Malifiya came between his way and she started to shake her head mockingly. Valz looked at her furiously and signaled Salvot to help Mariza.

''What's so special about her Valz? She's nothing but a servant in my house'' Malifiya spoke these words in sugar-coated voice and then moved her gaze to Mariza who had closed her eyes and Salvot was crouched down to her level in order to help her.

Before Valz could say anything Joe came sauntering towards them and stood with Valz, 'Your house? he chuckled and shook his head at her stupidity.

Valz looked at Joe and smirked then he spoke these words while looking straight into Malifiya's eyes, ''When did you start to consider this house as yours? You want me to remind you that you were also rubbish before marrying this man'' Valz practically gestured at Kenfey who narrowed his eyes at Valz.

Malifiya smiled sweetly before patting Valz's shoulder, ''I won't let the dark shadows of my past destroy my future because I am Malifiya Archer and you cannot deny the fact that I am your mother'' she then gazed at Kenfey and again spoke, ''Your father loves me and that's why he never even once mentioned my past'' her voice started to break and a tear fell from her eyes.

''Stop with this emotional tear-shedding charade you-

Kenfey interrupted him by shouting, ''VALZ!''. He stood with Malifiya with a hand on her waist.

''She is your mother I don't care if you accept it or not that's your choice'' he then looked at Joe and spoke, ''Now if I see you calling names to your mother I will throw you away from my office you get that? Then no more awards for you'' he muttered these words with force.

Mariza was seeing this and it broke her heart to see everyone like this. It wasn't like this with Katelas because she was a glue that joined the whole family together and there were no fights, accusations and retorts in her presence. This really saddened Mariza's heart.


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