Selfish love
30 What are you saying?
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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30 What are you saying?

Joe replied in a spiteful manner, ''I don't need your shit to get successful so stop bragging about your company because I'm self-made'' he then smiled and said, ''Dad don't you think you're not the most wanted entrepreneur for interviews anymore? In fact every news channel wants to explore my life rather than getting to know a bland person like you'' his voice was shockingly calm.

''Joe you need to-

''Where's Mariza? where's my daughter?'' Mariza's mother came sobbing to the room with her husband and her elder sister Kaveenza.

When her mother's gaze met Mariza she widened her eyes in horror upon seeing her. Kaveenza said in a shocked voice, ''What happened to you?'' she surprisingly looked worried.

Mariza's father ran towards where she was and hugged her tightly before saying in a depressed voice, ''Who did this to you?'' his voice turned angry.

Mariza was continuously hiccuping while crying on her father's shoulder. '''s just.....I-II-

Malifiya cut her by saying, ''Looks like your daughter was having fun with your friend Paul'' she then looked at Paul before nodding her head, ''isn't it Paul?''

Paul's face was marred with a bruise and he was moaning a little. He at first looked at Malifiya and moved his gaze towards Valz before timidly nodding his head. Valz was about charge on him again when his father stopped him by grabbing his arm.

''Stop it Valz'' his voice was authoritative.

Mariza's mother shook her head profusely and said, ''What are you saying ma'am? this is impossible'' she knew that her daughter would never do such a thing.

Malifiya smiled and said, ''What an ignorant fools you parents are'' she then shook her head before saying, ''Completely unaware of your daughter's dirt laundry'' Kaveenza looked confused and she asked in a low voice, ''Are you trying to say Mariza slept with this Paul?'' she pointed at Paul.

Malifiya nodded her head and Kaveenza started to throw daggers at Mariza. She looked really angry and the reason was unknow to Mariza.

Kaveenza came to Paul and grabbed his hand before taking him outside with a pissed expression on her face. What was she hiding and why would she take him outside like that? Mariza was confused.


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