Selfish love
31 Tell her to come
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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31 Tell her to come

Kenfey said, ''Take your daughter to her room and place some sense in her pea-sized brain'' his voice was downright mean.

Mariza's mother hesitatingly nodded her head before helping her to get her on her feet. Valz sighed before muttering something to Joe and Salvot. They were talking secretively.

When Valz's gaze met Mariza she tried to smile weakly to show that she was thankful for his help but he quickly averted his gaze and sauntered towards his room. Her mother meticulously took Mariza to their quarter-room and tucked her in her bed after washing her wounds and bandaging them. All this time her father was standing near the door with a baffled expression on his face.

As soon as her eyes were closing and she was about to go to slumber his father's incredibly shrilling voice entered her ears, ''Ask her what she was doing with that disingenuous man!'' he then started to take deep breaths before saying, ''I won't let her spoil our name Farhjanz tell her to tell the truth''

Her mother was constantly saying ''Sssh she will listen this stop it please'' but all in vain. Mariza was listening all of this and her eyes were flooding with tears blurring her vision but she dabbed her eyes with her fingers in order to retreat her tears.

Why would he believe a stranger rather than his daughter? Was she a liability for him or was he disappointed enough that he didn't even bother to ask her let alone defend her. He was like everyone else. Mariza was so broken inside that the emptiness inside her started to make her feel bitter even for her near ones.

With all this depression and melancholy it was difficult to sleep but after being awake for almost four hours her eyes got tired and she immersed herself in sleep.

''MARIZA WHAT HAPPENED TO ZOLLY?'' Her sister's shrilling voice awoke her from her sleep but that wasn't what scared her. Zolly's name made her heart jump to her throat.

Mariza gradually opened her eyes and saw Kaveenza gazing at her with a curious expression on her face. ''Mariza did you see Zolly?'' Kaveenza was blabbering like she had gone batty ''Oh my God she now looks like a homeless person and wait you know what she has tears in her eyes and her eyes are bloodshot'' she then closed her mouth but it looked like she missed one thing to say, ''Oh yeah and her long pretty strawberry blonde hair are not anymore long'' Kaveenza then giggled like she was happy.

Mariza knew this would happen and this was what she feared. It is all my fault. The guilt she had in herself rose above her positivity.

Mariza gulped before asking in a timid voice, ''Where is she?'' Kaveenza pulled herself back from her giggling and made a ''what are you hiding'' face before saying, ''She didn't say anything like a proper person. She was just muttering that ''Tell her to come'' so I assumed she must be talking about you, right?'' she made a doubtful expression.


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