Selfish love
32 What happened Marz?
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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32 What happened Marz?

Mariza shook her head in disbelief and got out of her bed. Kaveenza was watching her and said in a low tone, ''Mariza did you really sleep with Paul?'' Mariza was making her pony tail and wasn't paying any attention but this sudden question of Kaveenza made her drop the brush.

Kaveenza saw this and huffed in annoyance. Mariza rolled her eyes before saying, ''You should be ashamed of asking this question from your sister''

Kaveenza said, ''Yeah of course I should be ashamed of asking this question from a girl who continuously flirts with rich boys and who knows if you're not sleeping with any of-

Mariza cut her by flipping her middle finger before charging out of the room. Now was the time to face her friend. Mariza wasn't sure if Zolly even considered her as her friend. Many thoughts came into her mind telling her that she wasn't responsible for what had happened with Zolly but Mariza was hell-bent on considering herself guilty.

She was taking long strides because she couldn't hold more guilt and curiosity in herself anymore. Mariza at first thought that Archer family would be aware of everything that happened with them and they would eventually kick her out but surprisingly they were oblivious to that.

When Mariza reached the television room she saw Zolly standing with her head bowed down and her hair that were once long and glossy were a mess of short and rough hair. She was wearing an old-fashioned sweatshirt with mismatched jeans. The person that Mariza was seeing didn't look like her Zolly and that broke her heart. She looked more like a person sucked by defeat.

Mariza was afraid to enter and she was standing at the doorway unable to make an eye contact with Zolly. Her friend was unaware that Mariza was there because of her tiredness.

The conditions worsened more when the Archer brothers came strolling into the room arrogantly and they got confused upon seeing Mariza standing at the doorway with a puzzled expression on her face and Zolly being clueless.

They also noticed Zolly's appearance and Joe practically muttered, ''What the heck?'' Upon hearing his voice Zolly uppered her head and whimpered, ''Huh...uh'' she shielded her body by putting her hands on her shoulders.

Salvot cocked his left eyebrow and said, ''Calm down what's with you being a clueless dog?'' he then chuckled. Valz didn't find it funny and said, ''Shut the fuck up Salvot'' he then asked in a smooth voice, ''Are you fine?''

Zolly started to shake her head profusely and when she saw Mariza her expression turned painful and bitter. Joe was confused and he looked at Mariza before asking, ''What's with this shit? what happened Marz?''


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