Selfish love
33 Sshh....!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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33 Sshh....!

Mariza said without even thinking, ''None of your business Joe just leave us alone'' her retort surprised Joe and he became confused but then he chuckled because that's how Joe is. Laughing and mocking at the worst times is Joe's MO.

He said with a smirk, ''Look at you sweating like you've done a crime'' he then looked at Zolly, ''Geezwhy aren't you both doing that 'Oh hi baby how are you' girly shit?'' Valz sighed and Salvot said, ''Fuck that shit dude'' he then rolled his eyes before saying, ''They're obviously best friends''

Zolly cleared her throat before saying, ''Friends?'' she then looked at Mariza and asked in a loud voice, ''MARIZA ARE YOU REALLY MY FRIEND?'' her voice was breaking while saying this as she was struggling to speak.

Archer brothers were staring at her as if she had gone mad. Mariza was shaking her head with a ball in her throat. Zolly looked at Salvot before shouting, ''IS SHE MY FRIEND!?'' Zolly then ran towards her until she was face to face with her before slapping her cheek so hard that it left a red mark on her already bruised face. Valz quickly came between them and tried to take Mariza a little away but Zolly collapsed on the floor while crying.

Mariza was standing there unmoving looking expressionless. She repeated these words in her mind 'I deserve this' 'I hate myself' but then ''Sorry Zolly'' came out of her mouth and she instantly lowered her head.

Zolly froze before looking at Mariza and said with tears rolling down her cheeks and this time her voice was shockingly calm, ''Saying sorry won't change the reality of that night'' Salvot said, ''Which night and what are you two talking about?''

Zolly looked at him and laughed bitterly, ''You really want to know that?'' she then put her finger on her lips before saying, ''Sshhh''


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