Selfish love
34 What a coward you are.
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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34 What a coward you are.

Valz got irritated and looked at Mariza, ''What are you hiding?'' Mariza was not even looking at him let alone reply. Her quietness was unbearable for them. Joe said in a mocking tone, ''Zolly you know it's not a drama where you'll do that suspense shit and make us curious because you're getting on my nerves''. Salvot then said, ''We all know you're trying to seek attention so why not do it somewhere else?''

Mariza shouted, ''Shut up you both!'' her voice was quivering.

Zolly suddenly quietened and a tear rolled down her cheek, ''She won't tell you what happened because she's ashamed'' she then stood up and dabbed her cheeks with her fingers and pointed at her with her finger, ''A bitch like you should die of guilt you know that Mariza?''

Mariza made a shocked face and Zolly noticed it before saying, ''What? didn't expect your 'best friend' Zolly to abuse you?'' she then looked at Valz before saying, ''You guys are so curious to know what happened that night that you'll 'term' me as an attention seeker, right?'' Salvot flipped his middle finger and Valz tried to lower his hand but he was adamant.

Zolly said in a whispering tone, ''Ever heard of Ryan miller?''

Mariza froze upon hearing his name. His name brought back all those horrible memories of that night. She gasped before closing her eyes tightly.

Zolly shook her head at Mariza and said, ''I knew from the start that you were a coward'' she then moved her gaze at Valz who cocked his right eye brow.

''But guys she actually proved that'' she started to clap her hands like a deranged person.

''SHE ACTUALLY PROVED THAT SHE'S A COWARD BITCH!'' Salvot instantly muttered, ''Shut the fuck down mad woman!''

Zolly then composed herself and looked at Valz with bloodshot eyes, ''HE'S A MONSTER YOU KNOW THAT VALZ?'' she started to pull her short rough hair with tears streaming down her eyes. Salvot made a surprised face and Zolly suddenly grabbed Salvot's collars before shouting straight on his face, ''MARIZA DIDN'T DO ANYTHING I WAS SHOUTING, CALLING FOR HELP, SCREAMING BUT SHE WAS STANDING THERE MOTIONLESSLY DOING NOTHING'' She started to sob uncontrollably.

Mariza stood there with tears flowing down her cheeks, ''S-stop p-lease'' she then shouted, ''STOP IT''.



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