Selfish love
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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35 Help me!

Mariza said while trying to fight back her tears, ''I-I-I'' she couldn't even speak. Zolly then smiled at Mariza before saying in a whispering tone like she was telling a secret, ''I have scars wanna see them?!'' her voice was giving chills to everyone in that room.

Valz shouted, ''What did that bastard do?'' he was practically seething.

Zolly said while pointing towards Mariza, ''Why don't you ask her?'' Joe shouted, ''What did he do with you Zolly? Tell me for Jesus sake!'' his voice was desperate.

She looked at Mariza and said, ''Why don't you tell everyone that you were the only witness of that brutal crime, huh? she then said while wiping her tears, ''He comes in my nightmares and....reminds me that nightand then he shouts 'YOU'RE A BLOODY WHORE'' she closed her eyes and shouted, ''MY BODY IS FILTHY!''

Mariza gradually sauntered towards Zolly in order to console her but she shoved her back and Mariza's back collided with Valz's chest and she whimpered.

Valz shook his head at Mariza and distanced her from his body.

Zolly then started to undress herself with a fragile smile on her face. Joe raised his eyebrow and said, ''Are you out of your mind?'' he was shocked.

Zolly whispered, ''He undressed me just like this'' at first her movements were gentle but then she fastened her movements and started to rip off her shirt from her body and her already tattered jeans.

Mariza wasn't moving a bit. She was just standing there in a daze and was constantly swallowing the lump in her throat.

At last Zolly was only left with a red bra and underwear. Her body was full of wounds and fresh scars. Mariza's body also had them but she was not going to disclose them.

Her scars were similar to Zolly.

Zolly then put her hand on thigh which had a plethora of scars and they had turned black with the time and whispered to Valz, ''This hurts a lot please h-help me'' she then removed her hand from her thighs and placed them on her stomach which had a little dried blood on it with a wound.

She said again looking at Valz, ''Please...''


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