Selfish love
36 He“s a monster
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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36 He“s a monster

Mariza opened her mouth and said, ''Valz she-

''Mariza stop it just give her some time you've already disappointed us so just spare this goddamn day'' Valz snapped at her and removed his jacket form his body before covering Zolly's body with it despite the fact it barely reached her waist.

Tears were still pouring form her eyes and she whispered, 'Thank you...'' Valz said, ''I'm really sorry for what happened that night. What that dickhead did with you is unspeakable brutality!'' he then said with emphasis, ''You can stay in our house for as much time as you want'' Joe made a 'what the fuck dude' face.

''Zolly I don't want to pressurize you to tell me the details of that night but when you feel better you can talk to me or any of my brothers about it so that we can get to know where Ryan Miller is'' Valz said in a gentle voice.

Zolly nodded her head and Mariza stood there speechless. Salvot cleared his throat and said, ''Hey Joe listen Adam and Nate told me they wanted to tell us something let's go'' Joe nodded and looked at Mariza with a doubtful expression on his face.

Valz took Zolly to the guestroom without even bothering to glance at Mariza. She was left alone with all these emotions of guilt, hatred, emptiness brewing inside her. She closed her eyes and took her soul back to that horrendous night.

''RYAN PL-LEASE STOP IT, PLEASE'' Mariza shouted while Ryan was busy unbuttoning her shirt. Zolly was standing there covering her almost naked body with a shocked expression on his face. Ryan was pinning Mariza's both arms to the wall and almost unzipped her jeans when she said, ''RYAN LET US BOTH GO PLEASE'' She sobbed, ''FOR GOD'S SAKE!''

Zolly said while crying, ''Mariza he won't stop he's a monster'' Ryan froze and looked at Zolly with his narrowed eyes and pushed Mariza away with her jeans half-zippped and ran towards Zolly and grabbed her hair and started pulling them, ''I'' he slapped her ''WILL SHOW YOU WHAT A MONSTER LIKE ME CAN DO'' he then started assaulting her mouth with his lips.


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