Selfish love
37 Valz is mine
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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37 Valz is mine

''Mariza darling what are you thinking?'' her mother's voice made her come back to the present and she opened her eyes instantly. Mariza smiled, ''I was just thinking that you could muster up some courage to stand up to dad when he was believing some stranger over his daughter'' Mariza herself was shocked at her bitterness for her mother.

Her mother said sadly, ''Paul has been our best friend for many years and-

''Let me complete that for you mom and you thought it's perfectly fine to choose a stranger over your blood, right mom?'' she then shook her head and started to massage her head because she was getting a migraine from the constant drama in her life.

Her mother replied, ''Mariza you didn't tell us anything and appeared out of nowhere looking like you've been assaulted or...'' Mariza became shocked and said, ''You don't deserve to be called a mother. I hate you in fact I hate everyone!'' she spat on her mother's face.

She was about to charge out of the room but then stopped and said in a low voice, ''I want to die so I can escape from this treacherous w-world'' for a second she was about break down but then her inner-self echoed 'Keep yourself together they don't deserve your tears'' she then whispered, ''Bye Aljen risket'' and went out of the room and took a sigh of relief.

She then saw Kaveenza and Tanya coming in her direction and Mariza tried to ignore them but Tanya stopped and said in a sugary tone, ''Isn't it your slut sister Kav?'' Kaveenza replied with disdain explicit in her voice, ''Yeah unfortunately''

''Mariza how do you do that?'' Tanya asked her. Mariza made an annoyed face and said, ''Do what Tanya?''

Tanya pointed her clothing and said, ''What a lucky bitch you are! with all this substandard and cheap dressing you get to roam around Archer brothers'' she then muttered, ''Hell you also had sex with that security guard'' Kaveenza burst into a fit of giggles.

Mariza smiled that quite didn't reach her eyes and said, ''Yeah that was actually fun and you know what? I like it rough. I'll keep getting guys and your ass will be here whining and getting envious of me'' she then made a 'tsk' tsk' sound said, ''Get something better to do with your life you lifeless airheads!''

Upon hearing this Tanya became furious and said, ''You know what Mariza? Try as much as you want to try but get this thing printed in your mind that Valz is only mine!''


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