Selfish love
38 What is it?
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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38 What is it?

Mariza said, ''Don't you both get tired by bitching about me all the time?'' Kaveenza laughed and said, ''Oh forget that Mariza don't you want to see the dress Tanya gifted to me?'' Tanya gave Kaveenza a sweet smile.

''No thanks you better flaunt it for Salvot you like him, right?'' she replied coldly and then looked at Tanya and said, ''I see that you've got many boot-lickers'' Tanya narrowed her eyes and said, ''Your sister has some sense in her mind unlike you'' her voice was filled with pride.

Mariza said sarcastically, ''Yeah right''

Mariza smiled at them before saying, ''Talk to me when you both get a life'' and then she went to her room but the need to tell Valz the truth was greater than her ego and she got up from her bed and took out her mobile phone and dialed his phone number but he instantly cut her call. She tried once again and this time he didn't answer his phone.

Eventually, Mariza decided to go to his room and confess what actually happened that night despite her mind telling her not to do so.

When she reached near room his room her brain was forming some coherent words to tell him but then she heard, ''Do you like her?'' Zolly was sitting on Valz's couch and he was reading the book 'The subtle art of not giving a fuck' while lying on his bed when he heard her question he raised his eyebrow and said, ''Who?''

''Ma-ariza'' she whispered.

He thought for a second and started reading his book again but then after some time he replied flatly, ''No'' without looking at her.

Zolly nodded her head and smiled to herself but then she caught Mariza standing at the doorway and gave her a bitter smile before saying looking at her intentionally, ''You know it hurts when your only best friend betrays you when you need her the most'' her voice was sad despite the fact that a smile was etched on her face.

Valz didn't even nod his head let alone reply. Mariza left from the doorway with a heavy heart. Mariza could never believe that Zolly could stoop that much low. The person in that room was not her best friend who used to get excited over little things and support Mariza in challenging paths of her life.

When Mariza entered her room she saw Joe was lying on her bed with a smirk on his face. Salvot, Nate and Adam were also there laughing at some joke. They all stopped when their gazes fell on Mariza. ''There you are looking like a zombie'' Joe said mockingly.

''What is it Joe?'' she suspiciously eyed Nate and he grinned at her.

''Thought we could take you to pool party wanna go, Senorita?'' Adam said in his Spanish accent with a wink. Salvot shook his head and muttered, ''Not now asshole''


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