Selfish love
39 ““Mariza risket your turn!““
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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39 ““Mariza risket your turn!““

Joe smiled and got up from bed before saying, ''Marz we know that bitch is making up everything, right?'' he was also curious to know that. Mariza shook her head sadly and said, ''Don't talk about her like that''

Adam scoffed and said, ''Look it isn't your responsibility to take care of everyone and be good to them'' Nate nodded his head, ''Yeah screw her''

Mariza was about to speak when a stabbing pain again occurred in her stomach and she started to squeeze the hem of her shirt to control herself.

Salvot noticed it and said, ''Hey what's happening?'' he then came closer to her, ''Mariza are you alright?

Everyone became concerned about her but Mariza gave a fake smile before saying, ''It's just I haven't eaten anything''

''Are you sure?'' Joe was not convinced.

Mariza nodded her head.

''Wait Mariza if you were with Zolly and Ryan rap*d her then where were you at that time and what happened after that?'' Adam asked suddenly.

Mariza quietened after hearing this and averted her eyes.

''Shit something's wrong, right?'' Salvot muttered. ''Mariza tell the goddamn truth'' Nate said.

Mariza looked at the clock and said, ''Actually, I have to go to hospital'' she then smiled and said, ''See you guys later''

''Hospital for what? Are you sick?'' Joe asked surprisingly. Mariza thought of an excuse but nothing came to her mind. She then suddenly spouted, ''It's personal'' Nate looked at Adam and asked him, ''What the fuck's personal?'' Adam chuckled and said, ''Maybe Menstruation or God knows what''

Mariza gasped and shook her head before saying, ''It won't hurt you guys if you stop poking your nose in my life'' her voice was quite harsh.

Mariza left the room in a rush because she was getting late for hospital. She quickly draped a shawl on her body and left the mansion.

She was nervous. Her mind was telling her to do it and her heart was scolding her. It was big step for Mariza but she had to do it.

She reached 'Catherine state hospital' and asked the receptionist told her to wait for five minutes.

''Mariza risket your turn!'' the nurse shouted

Mariza stood up and said, ''Actually my name's only Mariza'' it disgusted her now when her name was taken with 'risket' at the end because she did not consider herself a risket anymore.

The nurse nodded hastily and took her into the direction of doctor's office.

At outside a silver plate was hanging with ''GYNAECOLOGIST'' written on it.

Mariza's heart sunk and she stopped for a minute before asking herself if it was the right decision or not.


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