Selfish love
40 I don“t need...........
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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40 I don“t need...........

At last she pulled herself together, went inside and saw that a female aged gynaecologist with big glasses and straight hair was sitting on her seat with a solemn expression on her face.

Mariza sauntered towards her and sat on the chair. The doctor said, ''Mariza risket-

''Just Mariza'' Mariza suddenly interrupted her.

She nodded and said, ''Okay Mariza this case needs to be handled very carefully you're not in any condition to get an abortion'' her voice was meticulous.

Mariza said in a frustrated tone, ''Why not!? I don't need this baby'' The lady doctor shook her and said, ''You're not understanding young lady this is not about you not wanting a child. It's about your life at risk'' she paused for a moment and then resumed, ''You're only nineteen years old and already 3 weeks pregnant and that's not all, you have a weak immune system which can cause serious harm to you even death''.

''Please I don't want this child-'' The doctor interrupted her, ''Where's the father of this child?''

''No, you don't understand that the man who did this had no consent of me'' she huffed a breath, ''He ra*ped me so here I'm begging you please I want to abort this baby'' Mariza was pleading her with her eyes.

The lady widened her eyes, ''That man did that to you and you did not even tell the police?'' she was shocked, ''This is ridiculous please tell me that man is in jail'' Mariza shook her head hesitatingly.

The doctor was in a dilemma and she said after what looked like 3 minutes, ''O-okay fine'' she suddenly added, ''We're not getting you a surgical abortion otherwise it can spread abnormality in your uterus. You'll be having medication abortion in which you're going to eat the pills that I'm going to give you and those pills are to be taken with real care''

Mariza listened to her carefully and nodded her head.

''There will be 20 pills in the bottle and you have to swallow one pill everyday and remember this that if you will swallow a pill after eating your meals you'll instantly die so take it only before eating your meals'' Mariza said, ''Thank you so much''

''Don't thank me what you just told me has horrified me and I'll feel guilty if i don't help you so I'm left with no other option'' her voice was upset.


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