Selfish love
41 It wasn“t only Zolly,right?
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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41 It wasn“t only Zolly,right?

Mariza nodded her head and left the hospital after taking her medication pills and hiding them in her purse. She just wanted to abort this child so that she could stop seeing herself as dirty because she still felt Ryan's presence and his hands all over her body.

Mariza reached her quarter room and placed the purse under her bed's pillow. ''Mariza where were you!?'' Mariza got scared at her father's sudden voice.

She caught her breath before saying, ''You have no right to ask me that question'' her voice was shockingly strong.

His dad said furiously, ''So now you're gonna talk back to me?'' Mariza shook her head before saying, ''I'd rather talk to a dad who trusts his daughter rather than you'' she then smiled and said, ''Now if you'll excuse me I have to do work in the mansion unless you have another accusation to make''

''I should have killed you in your mother's womb if I had known what a discourteous daughter we were-'' he stopped mid-sentence it looked like he regretted saying it.

Mariza widened her eyes in shock. His dad while trying to hold her shoulders said, ''I'm sorry-''

''NO! NO!'' she pushed him before running away from the room with tears leaking from her eyes.

''Mariza stop please!'' his dad was coming behind her pleading her to stop.

Mariza ran towards the swimming pool side and wiped her tears.

''Are you crying?'' She jumped at the voice of Valz. He was shirtless with black shorts which fit him perfectly. His silver chain was there but Mariza noticed a tattoo on his lowers abs which said 'Kate' and had a little heart on top. She smiled inwardly at his affection for his late mother.

She gave a plastic smile and shook her head.

Valz scoffed, ''Don't give that fake smile'' Mariza shook her head and said, ''You don't deserve to see me smiling''

Valz was left speechless for a moment then he said, ''Like I'm dying to see you smile do whatever the fuck you want to do'' his voice was mocking.

He was about to leave but he stopped mid-way and said, ''It wasn't your fault''

''Thanks for telling me if it weren't for you I would have committed suicide'' Mariza said bitterly. Valz looked at her with a peculiar stare, ''Did Ryan do anything with you?'' she was about to speak when he neared closer to her and put his finger on her lips 'ssh'.

Mariza took deep breaths and said, ''It's-

''Truth Mariza, I want to know the truth'' he tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear and put his mouth on her ear before whispering, ''It wasn't only Zolly, right?''

Mariza pushed his chest and said in a loud voice, ''Fuck you''

He grinned and said, ''Yeah do that later''

''You're ridiculous'' she muttered and was about leave when Valz suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her to his chest.


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