Selfish love
42 Speak up!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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42 Speak up!

''No, no you're not going anywhere'' Valz said while tracing her bottom lip with his finger. Mariza started panting, ''You cannot stop me'' Mariza said in a coarse voice.

''Oh really?'' Valz gave her a challenging stare. He then pulled her more closer to himself until their breaths were colliding with each other.

''I-I'' Mariza stuttered. Valz chuckled, ''Come on it's not that much hard'' he then held her ear lobe and then sucked on her earring.

''Speak up Mariza'' he urged her to tell the truth while trailing kisses down her neck. Mariza gasped and held his hair tightly in order to control herself.

''What the fuck?'' Joe and Salvot said simultaneously while sauntering towards them. Mariza backed away quickly on reflex and averted his gaze.

Valz looked at them annoyingly and muttered, ''Always at the wrong time''

Joe grinned at them and said, ''Oh forget that you wanna know what I found?'' Salvot gave a boyish smirk before smiling unwaveringly.

Valz said curiously, ''Yeah?''

Joe chuckled, ''I didn't know that you both were so secretive damn it'' Mariza got confused and asked, ''I don't understand you guys''

''Oh? then what the heck is this Marz?' Joe laughed and held up the abortion pills bottle in his hands.

Mariza widened her eyes in shock and at that time she felt her heart beat quickening and her face getting hot.

Valz raised his eyebrows, ''You don't know what's that, dumbass?'' he then muttered, ''They're abortion-'' He then realized everything and made a surprised face.

Joe said, ''Is this shit yours Mariza?''


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