Selfish love
43 You knew that?
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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43 You knew that?

Mariza became furious and snatched the bottle from Joe's hands, ''Why in the world did you snoop in my room?'' her voice was shaky.

''I told them to do so'' Mariza closed her fists when she heard Zolly's voice. She was wearing a serious expression. Mariza whispered, ''Why?''

''I'm sorry I didn't mean to invade your personal space but I told them you seemed very disturbed lately and asked them if they could find something in your room'' Zolly said apologetically.

''YOU KNEW THAT, RIGHT!?'' Mariza shouted.

''She fucking knew what Mariza?'' Valz asked frustratingly. ''Don't shout at me I was just trying to help but little did I know that you were having a fling with Valz and got pregnant''

Valz muttered, ''Do you know what you're saying?''

''Why? Are you ashamed to admit that she's having your child?'' Salvot said.

''Child!?'' Valz said unbelievingly. Zolly said with an innocent expression, ''What do you mean? It's not your child? Zolly gasped.

Joe asked, ''Mariza? Are you really pregnant?'' he said the word pregnant in a shocked whisper.

''Oh I get it'' Zolly chimed in, ''Tanya told me that she and Paul were having an intimate-''

''Shut the fuck up'' Valz said. Zolly narrowed her eyes.

''When people don't know shit, they should keep their mouths shut'' he said mockingly. Mariza was looking at the floor ashamedly. Valz continued, ''I get it you're mad at her. She was there and didn't do shit to save you but it was Ryan who actually did the most cruelest thing and it takes two to make a quarrel so you can't shove down your hatred and bitterness on Mariza'' his voice was calm.


''Don't fucking interrupt me'' he said in a low voice. ''You're standing here and blaming her for something out of your control and at the same time you're keeping it a secret where Ryan is'' Valz chuckled, ''And coming towards these 'abortion pills', this is my child so keep your assumptions to yourself, okay?''

''Yeah I fucking knew that'' Salvot hooted. Mariza widened her eyes and looked at him in a surprised manner.

''Valz you-'' Mariza said

Valz interrupted, ''Throw these pills in the garbage, will you Mariza?'' he said this with emphasis.


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