Selfish love
44 Congratulations Mariza!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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44 Congratulations Mariza!

Mariza shook her head and said, ''I can't throw them'' Salvot chuckled, ''That's easy baby'' he took the bottle from Mariza's hand and threw it away, the glass bottle broke into little shards. Mariza said angrily, ''Why did you do that?''

''Fuck that Mariza I don't need your permission'' he said mockingly. Valz sighed, ''Today's my football game, I'll see you guys later'' he gave an expressionless glance to Mariza and strode off.

Why did he take all the blame? was it to save me from another humiliation from everyone? These questions were bombarding Mariza's mind. Mariza looked up and saw Joe looking at her with intensity in his gaze, ''I thought it was some sorta' joke'' he then flashed a desolate smile, ''Congratulations Mariza'' he then took out a cigarette and lit it up before puffing smoke from his mouth and went away. He didn't call her Marz this time and this saddened her.

Archer brothers had a very bad habit of smoking but it wasn't for all the times. They usually smoked when they were upset.

Salvot saluted her ironically before leaving. Mariza was left with Zolly who was staring at her. ''You disgust me Mariza'' having said this she didn't wait for her reply and ran inside.

be the one disgusted by Zolly's playing tactics, Mariza thought.

Mariza had to talk to Valz one more time because what he said was clearly out of the box. She went inside and saw Salvot kissing a tall blondie girl behind the wall. They were panting so hard.

The blondie's hands were roaming all over Salvot's body and he was grabbing her ass. Mariza shouted, ''Get a damn room!'' They froze and the girl's cheeks got red due to embarrassment and she averted her gaze.

Salvot who had that girl's lipstick on his lips wiped it seductively in front of Mariza. His lips were swollen and he said huskily, ''No, we like an audience.'' he chuckled.

Mariza rolled her eyes. ''Did you get turn on by this?'' he asked with a smirk on his face. Mariza laughed, ''Turn on? my ass!''

''Yeah right, now can you leave us the fuck alone?'' he muttered while burying his head on blondie's neck. Mariza shook her head and asked, ''No, actually I want you to tell me where's Valz match being held?'' she said this with an innocent smile on her face.

He looked at her, ''I think i can tell you'' he paused for a minute then shouted, ''Actually NO!'' and started kissing the girl again.

''Please Salvot?'' Mariza pleaded.

The blondie got irritated, ''Can't you get a damn hint and leave?


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