Selfish love
45 Can“t you hear the truth?
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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45 Can“t you hear the truth?

''I didn't talk to you so shut it'' Mariza said in an annoyed tone. The blondie narrowed her eyes and she was about to retort when Salvot resumed kissing her.

She forgot that Mariza was standing there and they both started to moan between kisses. Salvot then stopped and looked at Mariza and grinned, ''Thunder bay Old Trafford stadium, baby'' Mariza narrowed her eyes, ''Thanks bastard'' she said this in a low voice and stomped away.

She instantly got into a cab and told the driver to drop her at Old Trafford stadium. She could hear the cheering and hooting of people from very far away from the ground. Finally, she reached there and paid money to the driver and ran towards the stadium.

The delirium and felicity in the stadium was unparalleled and deafening to ears. When Mariza reached it seemed like the match was about to end. Valz was the captain of 'Thunder bay Oscars' and another muscular guy with a mustache named Kevin was the captain of 'Portland warriors'.

They were shaking hands. The match really ended to Mariza's consternation. She then looked at the scoreboard.

Thunderbay Oscars had defeated the Warriors with a margin of 6 goals and two of the goals were scored by Valz. This reall made her happy and she got a glimpse of Valz bumping his fists with other team members. He was sweating and had a cut on his forehead.

When his gaze fell on Mariza he got really surprised but then raised his eyebrows. Mariza gestured to him that she wanted to talk and then she put a hand on her ear to stop the obstreperous noise of the crowd.

Valz started to come in her direction and the girls behind Mariza screamed hysterically,

''Shit he's coming here! I can assure you that I can get wet by just looking him coming here!''

''Valz Archer fits perfectly in the definition of sexy''

''I mean look at that naturally hot guy.''

The song ''Hall of Fame'' started blaring all over the stadium.

Mariza got irritated and went towards the parking lot side in order to get away from the harsh noise of the surroundings.

She was standing there when Valz said in a condescending tone, ''Who invited you here?'' he was holding a water bottle and was still dressed in his blue football kit.

Mariza said, ''Look I'm sorry I shouldn't have come here but I want to talk about something'' her voice was honest. ''Is that 'something' about you getting pregnant by God knows whose baby and then getting a secretive medication abortion?'' he said in an ironic tone.

''You don't know anything'' she said sadly. Valz groaned, ''Then would you do the fucking honors of enlightening me of the facts?'' Mariza opened her mouth, ''Valz-

He paused a little, ''No, wait I don't wanna listen this 'I can't tell you' shit. Do whatever the fuck you want to do but keep one thing in your mind'' he pointed at her tummy, ''You won't abort this baby''

Mariza whispered, ''Why?''

Valz laughed quietly, ''Why?! Because, this baby doesn't deserve this just because you had a one nighter with some dick-'' before he could complete his sentence Mariza slapped him.

But as soon as she did that Valz widened his eyes and grabbed her arm and said in a somber tone, ''Can't you hear the truth?


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