Selfish love
46 I miss her
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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46 I miss her

Mariza tried to release her arm but Valz kept talking, ''The truth is you actually are trying to conceal your wrong-doings Mariza'' he then grasped a lock of her black hair and curled it around his finger before whispering, ''I only took the responsibility for this child because you're a masochist who likes to get in the cauldron of pain and mortification just to please others otherwise I don't give two shits about your life'' he said 'life' with enunciation.

Mariza violently pushed at his chest, ''If that's what you think then you don't know me at all!'' she said this with narrowed eyes.

''I don't want to fucking know you!'' he said exasperatedly. Mariza said, ''If that's the case then you don't get to decide about this baby'' she gave him a challenging smile.

''Yeah we'll fucking see that!'' Valz gave an equally daring expression.

They were having this deadlock when someone suddenly started to snap pictures of Valz and Mariza. Mariza covered her mouth her hands and said in shocked voice, ''Why are they taking our pictures?''

Valz snickered,'' I'm famous what do you expect?''

''I don't expect anything'' she said in a petulant voice.

''Valz here's your weed man!'' A tattooed guy with piercings approached him. Mariza gasped when she heard this.

''You smoke weed?'' she asked

Valz took the weed from that guy, ''Thanks Shaz''

''Yeah, no worries bruh'' he then looked at Mariza, ''Hey is it the chick you talk about?'' he asked doubtfully.

Mariza was left gobsmacked. He talked about her? was it in a positive sense or negative? She thought. Valz muttered, ''No'' Mariza sighed a breath.

So he talked about some other girl. Even thinking that Valz talked to his friends about some other girl made her envious and a pang of jealous hit her heart.

He nodded his head and sauntered away. Valz subsequently started smoking weed and he coughed a little. ''It's really dangerous for you'' Mariza whispered.

Valz shook his head, ''It gives me a temporary escape'' he puffed smoke.

''Escape from what?'' she asked curiously.

''From this shit life'' he barely said the word whisper.

''I miss her'' he said this with moisture in his eyes and it looked like his throat was constricting. Mariza understood instantly that he was talking about Katelas.

She neared closer to him and said, ''Me too''


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