Selfish love
47 I don“t like her
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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47 I don“t like her

Mariza put her hand on her chest in order to console him because no matter what Mariza could never see Valz in pain. It didn't matter if he maintained a frosty aura at the surface but she knew it that deep down inside it was the same Valz who used to carry a smile even when if it was her mother scolding him. Instantly a memory of childhood resurfaced in her mind.

''Mum Joe rang the bell of Aunt Maria's house'' 10 years old Valz said while lowering his gaze.

''Liar-Mum he's lying It was Valz and Salvot's plan'' Joe chimed in with a accusatory tone.

''Mom they both were in this plan except me'' Salvot said while grinning.

''Enough of your naughtiness boys!' Katelas said trying to look like a strict mom but failed because of her smooth velvety tone. Valz started giggling at her soft demeanor at their mischief.

Joe and Salvot also laughed nonchalantly. Katelas couldn't maintain her solemn expression and flashed a soft smile.

Katelas was a woman with grace and brains who used to handle every situation with prowess. One would think that she only showed her affectionate nature to her sons but that was not true. She cared for Mariza because she always wanted to have at least one daughter and that wish came true when she saw Mariza.

''Aunt Kate....uhuh'' little Mariza shouted in her little voice.

She was running away from Archer brother and their friends Adam and Nate who were making sure to make her life hell in their mansion. They were trying to behead her doll which was gifted to her by Katelas.

''Stop you black hair witch'' Salvot said while laughing.

''No she's not a witch'' Valz said with a naughty smile, ''she's a panda'' they all started laughing hysterically.

A tear fell down her cheek as they were trying to snatch away her doll.

Suddenly they saw a lady's statue stand beside Mariza and backed away with apology on their faces. Mariza uppered her head and found Katelas standing with her.

A reprimanding expression was etched on her face.

Adam and Nate simultaneously spoke, ''Sorry Katie'' they both used to call her Katie and she never once stopped them.

Valz backed away a little with lowered eyes in order to look a little unoticeable.

''Someone's baking away hmmm'' she said while looking at Valz.

Valz narrowed his little eyes at mariza who was holding a sad expression, ''I don't like her mum''

Katelas crouched down to Valz's level, ''Don't say that honey'' Joe hugged Mariza, ''I'm sorry'' he then smiled, ''I actually love your doll''

Mariza's face lightened up at his words. Slavot started mimicking Joe's words in order to irritate him.....


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