Selfish love
50 As sharp as knife!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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50 As sharp as knife!

He was waiting for her to reply when suddenly Mariza leaned forward and caressed his lips with her fingers, ''Valz I-I.....'' She wanted to tell him about her deep love that she carried inside her everyday which had now started to become a burden and she wanted to let it out. Valz stroked a lock of her hair, ''Panda'' he whispered.

Mariza widened her eyes because she didn't expect him to remember anything related to their childhood. ''You remember that?'' she asked incredulously.

If he really remembered that then why was it the first time he was calling her by that nickname? Mariza wanted him to call her with that name because she thought she was special enough for him to be called differently.

Valz grinned at her and Mariza smiled warmly.

She stared at his supple, fresh lips which were looking purplish due to chilly wind blowing in contrast to her plump luscious lips.

Mariza neared her lips closer to his mouth while Valz looked at her in an utter daze.

She slowly put her hands on his rigid chest and leaned forward. Her actions were smooth, yet shy. Valz stood there looking at her-Mariza slanted a little more until her lips were on Valz's.

Valz had kissed her before but this time it was Mariza who initiated it in a coy manner. It seemed like fireworks erupted as soon as their lips collided.

At first Valz didn't respond to her kiss but when she moaned slightly he granted the entrance of her tongue into his mouth.

Their tongues were moving rhythmically and Valz grabbed Mariza's leg and wrapped it around his hip. The kiss which started as slow and soft turned lusty and aggressive.

Valz sucked her bottom lip and Mariza made a throaty moan.

Mariza's raspberry light lipstick and Valz's weed smoke made the taste of kiss more intoxicated. Valz slowly parted away from her lips but Mariza groaned and further deepened the kiss.

Valz chuckled during the kiss and muttered, ''Slow down, Panda''

Mariza backed away and said, ''I really like your non-jerk version'' she then touched his razor-sharp jaw and murmured, ''Your jaw is damn sharp''

''Oh yeah?'' he joked.

She nodded her head, ''As sharp as knife'' she giggled.

Valz shook his head and said, ''Mariza?''

''Uhmm?'' she muttered.

He grasped her cheeks and looked straight into her eyes, ''Can you tell me about that night now?'' As soon as the words spewed from his mouth, the smile on Mariza's face vanished and she started looking down.


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