Selfish love
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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51 Thanks to you!

He ran a hand through his hair in frustration, ''I really want to know what he did'' he then held her chin and made her look into his eyes, ''If he had done something I swear, I won't spare him'' she said this in a menacing tone.

''I can't tell you'' she said timidly.

''R-ryan is very dangerous-he has his gang-''

''Why are you not telling me? for fuck sake spill the beans'' he muttered. How could I tell him the truth? Ryan played smartly that day by his tricks. I wouldn't have been rap*d by him if-.....

Mariza put all these memories to the back of her mind and, she put her hand on his cheek and said gently, ''It's better for you if you don't get to know about it-trust me Val-''

He grabbed her arm and pulled it away harshly,''No!-I do this all 'sweet as fuck' shit with you and is this what I get?''

Mariza asked surprisingly, ''So you did all of this on purpose?'' Valz shook his head in annoyance, ''No, you're not understanding-''

Mariza pushed at his chest, ''I actually don't want to understand you'' she said in a loud voice.

''Fuck-Mariza listen to me'' he tried get hold of her arm but kept pushing him away violently.

''HEY SAID-D-'' she shouted with tears spilling from her eyes.

Valz neared closer to her and grasped her face until their foreheads were touching, ''He said what?'' he whispered.

Mariza shook here head.

''FUCK, TELL ME ABOUT IT!'' Valz shouted.

~That night~

''ARE YOU A FUCKING VIRGIN?'' Ryan bellowed at Mariza's face while Zolly kept revolting back until her head hit the wall.

''R-ryan s-stop it'' Mariza said with a lump clogged in her throat.

He smiled viciously and grabbed her mouth harshly, ''I only fuck so don't ask me to stop, bitch'' he then started assaulting her mouth animalistically.

His saliva mixed with beer made her nauseous. Zolly shouted, ''Ryan l-leave her!'' Ryan stopped and backed away, Mariza coughed uncontrollably, his nasty mouth made her senses numb.

He smirked, ''You both need to lower your panties and let me see if you both are good girls or not'' he said in a strict voice.

He was about to charge on Mariza when the door opened. Mariza got baffled to see Perrie entering with a smile on her face.

Zolly tried to cover herself by wrapping her hands around her body.

Ryan sauntered towards her and kissed her on her lips. Perrie backed away, ''I see you've got more sluts!''

He laughed roughly, ''Thanks to you babe''


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