Selfish love
52 I can do that!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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52 I can do that!

She smiled and looked at Zolly whose teeth were chattering with fear, ''What an ignorant fool you are!'' Perrie said in a loud voice. Mariza looked at her with narrowed, ''Aren't you ashamed of yourself?'' She couldn't believe that a woman can do such an immoral thing to women.

Perrie chuckled, ''Darling, what do you expect me to do?'' she then sauntered towards Mariza on her pencil heels in slow strides, ''I love Ryan and I can do anything for him'' she said with honesty evident in her eyes.

''You're disgusting!'' Mariza said unbelievingly.

She rolled his eyes, ''Like you're so pure babe'' she then gestured Ryan with her finger, ''I like to see him fuck other girls in front me'' Perrie winked, ''That literally turn me on''

Zolly gasped, ''W-what?'' Perrie started unbuttoning Ryan's t-shirt.

Seeing this made Mariza really sick, she looked at herself and then at Zolly who was really terrified. ''Which bitch needs to be banged first babe?'' Ryan asked Perrie while checking them.

''Why not this blondie?'' she said while pointing towards Zolly.

''NO PLEASE!'' She instantly wrapped her body with her hands upon hearing this. Ryan smiled and viciously approached Zolly.

''Hey Ryan don't forget to spew some Benzodiazepine in her mouth!'' she shouted. Mariza widened her eyes, she had heard of this drug in T.V and how some guys used to spike girl's drinks with this drug and then they used r*pe them but now she was listening it from the mouth of Perrie and she got horrified and revolted back.

Ryan smirked while Perrie gave him that drug. He strode towards Zolly and stood in front of her and pushed away a strand of her blonde hair while she whimpered, ''You don't have feminine features like she has'' he said pointing towards Mariza, ''But I'd love to fuck you'' he spouted these words in a low voice.

Ryan forced that drug into her mouth, ''This will dull your senses and will make you feel like you're in heaven'' he laughed, ''having sex with me obviously means heaven'' Zolly tried to spit it but Ryan grabbed her hair and pulled them, ''Tomorrow you won't even remember anything'' he said while Perrie was busy making a video with her phone's camera.

''What do you mean?'' Zolly whispered while holding her neck in order to itch it. It seemed like the drug was making her numb. ''Babe this drug won't let you remember anything now shut the fuck up'' Perrie shouted.

Zolly began to stammer, ''D-don't...'' she was about to stumble when Ryan grabbed her arm. Zolly was fully out of her senses when Ryan tried to lower her panties, ''LEAVE HER!'' Ryan looked at her and raised his eyebrows. Mariza closed her eyes and said these words painfully, ''I can do that for you'' it looked more like a whisper.


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