Selfish love
53 Come for me!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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53 Come for me!

''Looks like she's dying to have sex with you'' Perrie laughed. Ryan said with pride filled in his voice, ''As you wish baby'' he then pushed Zolly and she fell on to the floor unconsciously. Mariza faked a smile and said with a broken voice, ''I-I-I am doing it with my own will'' she then neared closer to Ryan, ''Just throw away the drugs'' she whispered trying to act seductively whereas, she couldn't even bear to look at his face in reality.

She wanted to save Zolly from him as long as she could, ''P-please I have a request'' she said in a fearful voice. Ryan said in an annoyed tone, ''Now what?''

''Y-you can do this with me for as much long as you want to but please let Zolly go'' she said in a pleading voice. Perrie sighed and dialed a number, ''Yeah Jhon I want you to come in and take a blonde bitch outta' here and throw her at the garbage place'' she was about cut the call when she suddenly said, ''Don't forget to give her a fucking good beating, make it look like she's just been banged by someone'' her voice held zero ounce of even a tad bit of compassion.

The door flew open with a fine looking man with beefy muscles entering. He went towards Zolly, '' ''John beat the crap outta her'' Perrie muttered.

He nodded his head while carrying her in his arms and strode off from the room. Mariza was now alone with Perrie and Ryan.

Without wasting any time he forcefully tried to lower Mariza's panties whereas, Perrie held a smile on her face while making a video. Mariza tried to stop his hand from advancing but he slapped away her hand.

(-Feel free to skip this part-)

''What a damn cunt you have!'' Ryan said in a surprising tone.

He lowered his already unzipped jeans and grabbed his dick into his hands, ''Beg for it!'' Mariza shook her head vigorously while tears rolled down her cheeks.

''Oh I know you're desperate for it just beg'' he muttered while Perrie shouted, ''Punish her baby, she's a bad girl''

''Oh I will babe, just wait and watch'' he said and grasped her waist violently before thrusting harshly into her sensitive opening.

Mariza screamed while pushing scratching his neck with her nails. He plunged harder back and forth senselessly, ''Come for me baby'' he said while panting.

''GET OFF ME!'' She shouted and pushed him with all his force.

His each thrust was making her feel dirty and unclean. Ryan shouted, ''I'm coming!'' He spilled his semen on Mariza's body and sighed in relief, ''Best sex of my life!'' he said with a laugh!


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