Selfish love
54 Crash!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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54 Crash!


''I-I wanted to stop him from doing that but I couldn't-I JUST COULDN'T!'' she said while crying. When Mariza gathered up the courage to look at Valz, she got shocked to see him rigid with pain flashing across his eyes.

Mariza neared closer to him and touched his cheek which were cold, ''Why are you not saying anything?'' a tear streamed down her eye, ''P-please say something'' she begged him with plea in her eyes.

He said without an ounce of expression on his face, ''I hate my self even more'' it was barely a whisper. He neared closer to her until Mariza's face was touching his chest.

Valz hugged her and Mariza felt something wet fall on her neck.

''V-valz are you alright-

''THAT BASTARD DID THAT TO YOU AND I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING!'' He shouted with a lump in his throat, his voice was broken to the extent of no repair. ''It was not your fault'' Mariza said and rubbed his back.

''I WILL KILL HIM!'' Valz backed away with his red-rimmed eyes and painful expression.

He grabbed Mariza's face, ''I will kill him Mariza'' Mariza gasped and shook her head, ''NO!''

''Don't'' he whispered and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek before saying, ''Don't stop me'' Mariza was constantly shaking her head. ''Mariza where is he?'' he asked her.

''I can't tell you Valz'' she said in a low voice.

''I want you to tell me for fuck's sake Mariza'' he practically shouted. ''Promise me you won't go to him right now and we'll deal with it when police comes'' she said pleadingly.

Valz nodded his head hesitatingly.

''He's in Thunder bay underground club'' she said in a horrified voice. Valz backed away, ''I'm sorry but I have to kill him'' having said this he started to leave.

'NO! VALZ NO'' Mariza screamed while following him. ''Go back home Mariza'' he said while looking behind. Valz passed the gate in order to reach his car at VIP center while the traffic was coming in full flow.

''Please wait'' Mariza shouted while running after him and taking deep breaths. Valz stopped and for one last time looked at her. Mariza gasped and saw a car coming with full speed in the direction of Valz.

She shouted with horror, ''VAAALZ!''



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