Selfish love
55 Die?
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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55 Die?

Mariza POV

All I could see was blood dripping from his body.

He was lying lifelessly on the road with no sign of life and my world started to close off. This was not how I expected life to be. I wanted to confess my love to Valz but now seeing him like this instantly made my heart empty with a cold feeling surfacing on it.

My vision got blurred and my surroundings started to seem hazy when I heard a man screaming, ''Someone take this boy to hospital!''. I looked at Valz and saw blood profusely flowing from his body. People were gathering to see what was going on. Some were taking pictures in fact I could hear a lady murmuring, ''He's the youngest Archer-His mother also died a few years ago''

''Yeah, I heard that-What a pity! This beautiful faced Archer doesn't deserve to die'' these hushed whispers were making me squeamish. ''DIE!?'' I cried and tried to move but my body seemed stuck there. Something was happening to me or I don't know if it was my body but I wanted to save my Valz.

Why were these people saying this stuff? My head started to throb but I pushed aside all the pain and knelt down where Valz was with tears rolling down from my cheek to his forehead. Why were his eyes closed and why was he not talking to me?

I put my hand on the deep gash on his left side of forehead from where blood was spewing and tried to stop it. ''Va-aalz'' I whispered in between my attempt to stop the flow of blood.

''Girl he's dead!'' a woman with brunette hair shouted.

''NO-O!'' I shouted and covered my ears with my hands which had blood of Valz to stop the whispers and murmurs.

''Please! please take him to ho-ospital'' I said this to a middle-aged man who held a concerned expression on his face.

He sort of fell into a dilemma and was about to refuse when I quickly jumped to his feet and held his leg and whispered with a sob, ''I-I beg you'' after this being said my vision once again blurred and I fell on the road with a heavy feeling on my chest and a pain in my heart which I never once felt.

Was it the fear? fear of losing my Valz......


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