Selfish love
56 What?
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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56 What?

Mariza POV

I opened my eyes and felt something cozy underneath my back, I was in a hospital room with not even a tad bit sound. I couldn't get my brain to remember what happened to me that I was in hospital bed but the memories resurfaced and the realization hit me.

Valz being hit by a car....people murmuring he's dead.

A sudden pain occurred on my head and when I touched my side of head-I felt a small bandage on it. Why was I here? Where was Valz? these questions once again started to ache my head. I tried to get up but my muscles ached and gave up.

''VALZ!'' I shouted in the hope he will come inside and I'll see a glimpse of him but all in vain.

The door opened, Joe and Salvot came in with serious expressions etched on their faces. Joe's face instantly calmed upon seeing me, ''Hey you're up!'' Joe said in a low tone, Salvot sauntered towards the couch and silently sat on it without even looking at anyone.

Joe looked at him and his face fell sad, ''Mariza you need to rest'' Joe muttered

''Where's Valz?'' I whispered and closed my eyes dreading to hear something horrible. The room fell silent. Why were they quiet? Something was really wrong.

I mustered up all my strength to get up despite the throbbing in my head and sat on the bed, ''Joe where's Valz?'' this time I cried out loud-I couldn't fathom losing him, ''Salvot you tell me where's Valz?'' I looked at him but he refused to make an eye contact, ''Why my brother has to go through everything horrible Mariza?'' he whispered while looking at the vase on the table.

''What are you saying?'' I whispered.

''Mariza this sin't the time to discuss-'' Joe chimed in. ''HE'S DEAD?'' I said the word 'dead' as a low whisper.

Joe shook his head and said with a lump in his throat, ''He's alive''

Upon hearing this my heart beat started to come to its normal pace and the ache in my head relieved. Just one word 'alive' restored my life.

''But...'' Joe paused.

I looked at him in a confused manner, ''But what?'' I glanced at Salvot who had moisture gathering his eyes. Salvot was never vulnerable then why today, when his younger brother survived and escaped death.

''Mariza he-'' Joe couldn't get the words out of his throat like they were clogged in it for life time. I couldn't bear their silence and stood up with all my strength.

''Mariza sit the fuck down!'' Salvot muttered.

I ignored their annoyed stares and tried to get out in order to find Valz. ''Don't Mariza...'' Joe whispered. I said frustratingly, ''Don't what Joe?''

''He's just not our Valz anymore'' he said while a tear rolled down his cheek.


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