Selfish love
57 Get the fuck out!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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57 Get the fuck out!

Mariza POV

Joe quickly wiped his eyes and muttered, ''Stupid tears''

''I don't understand'' I said in a baffled tone and looked at Salvot if he'd explain something to me. He just stood up and said in a annoyed tone, ''Room 4''

I smiled at him for finally telling me, now I only wanted to meet Valz and see if he really was fine because that night he really opened up to me and trusted me with all those memories but I had that guilt inside me that constantly reminded me Valz was in hospital just because of me. Had I not told him about Ryan, he wouldn't have left the place with full of wrath.

Joe glared at Salvot as if he didn't want me to know here Valz was.

''What? don't look at me like that'' Salvot muttered and ran a hand through his messy dark brown hair, ''Bitch doesn't know shit'' he said lowly.

''Shut the crap Salvot'' Joe said glaringly. I couldn't understand why Salvot was being so rude and impolite-Yeah he wasn't like a saint before but right now he was being a complete douche. I looked at Joe and it was the first time these two were acting totally out of the box. Joe's eyes had dark circles and his dark blonde hair were messy as if he had not slept for days.

''Are you alright Joe?'' I asked with a hint of concern in my voice.

He shook his head , ''If you really want to meet him then go ahead'' he then left the room and slammed the door which made me wince a little.

Salvot scoffed, ''Timid as fuck''

I rolled my eyes at his mean demeanor and went outside in search of Valz's room, Earlier I was in room 5 so it meant his room was near.

Adrenaline rushed into me because I knew everything between us will be normal from now on as Valz trusted her enough to share his memories of Katelas. I just wanted him to be fine devoid any critical injuries.

Eventually, I found room 2 and pushed open the door that's when I saw Valz staring at the ceiling with bandages on his head and arm, little blood was visible through them. I silently entered the room and got close to his bed that's when he felt her presence and snapped his eyes at her.

He stared blankly at me as if I was a new person to him, ''Yeah?'' he said expressionlessly.

I became confused at his ignorant behavior but instantly brushed it off and I whispered in a low voice, ''Thank God you're fine'' I really was thankful to God for saving Valz-without him I consider myself nothing, just an empty heart with no emotions.

He looked at me as if I was stupid and got up a little and placed his head on the upper pillow while wincing a little.

''Care to tell me who the fuck are you?'' he snapped at me with a painful grunt due to a gash on his back.

At this point it felt like my heart fell to my stomach.

Joe's voice started ringing in my ears, ''He's not our Valz anymore''

But how could he just not remember me? I tried to smile, ''Stop messing around'' but that smile itself repressed when he muttered, ''I'd mess up with anyone except a plain jane like you'' his voice held a mocking texture to it.

He then seemed to take in my dressing and appearance which were extremely unattractive for a girl. Embarrassment flushed up my cheeks and Valz gave a ironical laugh before saying, ''i don't know what the fuck's wrong with people like you'' he paused for a second then resumed, ''At first those 2 blokes come to me claiming to be my motherfucking brothers'' Valz chuckled, ''Like seriously? do I look like a damn fool?''

He then pointed at me, ''And now you come to me saying all this emotional shit'' I was too shocked to even register his words that were serving as piercing knifes in slashing my heart into two.

''What?'' I whispered dumbfounded.

Valz said blankly, '' Get the fuck out'' he then winced, ''Damn this headache!''


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