Selfish love
58 She was pregnant!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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58 She was pregnant!

Valz POV

My head was pounding continuously and to add insult to injury-this jet-black haired girl was spouting nonsense and when I asked her who she was, damn she was gobsmacked although she was pretty in a natural kind of way but i swear she looked a like a clingy bitch.

And yeah I didn't even know those two guys- one with blonde hair and the other with dark brown, i mean yeah they looked like aristocratic people but this shit is really getting out of hand because I've never seen them-Hell I don't even know why i was in this shitty hospital with a couple of stupid bandages.

''You really don't remember me?'' She asked surprisingly while putting a hand on her mouth for God knows what.

''Why don't you do me a favor and call my mom?'' I asked her while daring to stare at her nipples which were prominent from her white tank top. She noticed it and her cheeks instantly flushed, ''Your mom?'' she became confused, ''Are you talking about Aunt Katie?'' she said in a baffled manner.

''Shit, who's Katie?'' Were people in this hospital really mad? I mean why would I call a random person my mom? She gasped shockingly, ''No, no, no!'' she said acting like I said something really out of the box.

I raised my eye brow, ''You don't know my mother?'' she was looking at me with a lost expression on her face- Hell I felt bad for her maybe I resembled someone she loved or i don't what.

''You mother was Katelas Archer who died due to a car accident and you loved her to death-


''No listen to me- you have 2 brothers and you're the youngest of all of them and you also love them'' she said panting so hard that it felt like she'd just throw up, her face was sweating and she was struggling to breathe, ''I'm not done, your father is Kenfey Archer okay i admit he can be a bit of asshole but he's not like your stepmom Malifiya because she's the queen of wickedness''

''Yeah Malifiya- she's my damn mother and wait what'd you call her?'' I said in a furious tone, no one was allowed to disrespect my mother.

Her face fell, ''Whaat?'' she put her hand on the hospital bed to support herself from falling.

''Why are you sweating so bad?'' I asked her because no normal person sweated like this girl was damn she was taking deep breaths.

''Do you know Tanya?'' I asked curiously. She nodded her head hesitatingly.

I flashed a smile, ''She's my girlfriend''

And with this she couldn't keep herself in control and fell back with a clamorous thud with a loud whimper squeezing the shirt on her stomach.

What the fuck? The nurse instantly came inside with those two earlier blokes and they gasped. Damn, I didn't do anything to her.

The blonde guy shouted, ''FUCK! SHE WAS PREGNANT''


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