Selfish love
61 Non-existent love
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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61 Non-existent love

Mariza POV

Nate was constantly chattering about how he and Adam had such an unbreakable bond with the Archer brother's in the past but that gradually vanished with so many tragedies- First Katie's death which literally shook Valz so much that he became emotionless and frigid- Death of Adam's childhood sweetheart Avery, he loved her so much that a person can only dream of but what happened with his girlfriend is something we all promised never to talk about. Sadly, he resorted to being a guy with one-night stands.

Nate went to Germany for three years because he couldn't bear seeing his near one's in pain- At first Salvot loathed him for leaving them at the time they needed him the most but he obviously couldn't blame Nate because he had such shitty parents in this whole planet earth, his whole childhood was nothing but a trauma of losing his baby sister, his mother blaming him for all that and his father saying that he won't ever see his face again and after that he flew to USA and hasn't come back till now when his mother has become a drug addict.

Nate told me how he was resisting all these drugs because they were nothing but a gradual death and i nodded and told him to never use them again- he said he couldn't stop smoking marijuana and cocaine as they were very addictive.

It felt really good to talk to Nate because Nate, Adam and the Archer brother's looked really arrogant from their outside facade but I was the witness of what was in those depths of airs, arrogance and frostiness. There was a vulnerable heart which feared that it could shatter anytime with one more tragedy.

''You know Valz doesn't remember us, he only claims Malifiya to be his mother and Tan-'' he cut me off by replying with irony, ''I know that- doctor said that he's going through a temporary brain memory loss of his loved one's and he's going to misunderstand the people he hated before for someone he likes and if he loved anyone in his life then he definitely won't remember us- i don't know about you'' he said while cocking his left eyebrow.

I was really shocked to hear this because i didn't see this coming, he didn't acknowledge me in the hospital room so did it mean he liked me to some extent...? If it really was true why did let me believe that he hated me only sometimes revealing his true emotions.

I averted my gaze and was about to change the topic when the door flew open and Salvot entered the room with surprisingly a scowl on his face. He didn't see me or if he did see me and tried to ignore, ''I'm going to lose my shit'' he muttered while strutting towards Nate.

''What happened?'' Nate asked

He said with a frown, ''Those bitches Tanya and Malifiya are in Valz's room telling him some fake stories about their non-existential love'' he let out a choked laugh.

That really saddened me because I knew that would happen- Why would those plastic faces let go any chance of destroying Archer family?


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