Selfish love
62 Shimmery dress!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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62 Shimmery dress!

Mariza POV

I wanted to talk to Salvot in order to console him because he dealt with pain in a strange way- using his bitterness and acrimony to conceal his vulnerability. I wanted to tell him that it was fine for him to feel this way because we all were prone to such feelings but my restrictive mind told me to shut my mouth and let it be instead I closed my eyes in hope to drift to sleep.

But as soon as i closed my eyes the over-thinking mode of my brain automatically switched on with thoughts like what would happen if Valz never gets back his memory? What if i never get a chance to fess up my feelings to him?

This really agitated me and i sighed before opening my eyes and whimpered a little upon seeing Tanya standing there with a smirk on her face. I never once in my life urged to wipe off a smirk from someone's face more than Tanya's. I knew she was here to brag and boast about how she was going make Valz love her and all that speech that i've heard before but today it was different.

Today she had that shine in her which I lacked in every aspect- not only talking about her beauty shine but that sparkle you have when you have someone with you and you're fearless from the whole world.

I moved my gaze to the whole room and huffed in an agitated manner on not finding anyone else. Tanya was wearing a shimmery shocking pink dress which barely covered her upper thighs and this girl had really amazing tanned legs. Her brunette hair were tied loosely in a flowery hairdo and not miss the glossy lip gloss on her lips and here I was in a hospital gown probably with pale skin and dark circles and obviously that lack of glow in my face due to multiple bandages. I really was a mess damn.

''I'm here to see if you're fine'' she said with a sympathetic smile while holding onto my bed probably showing off her perfect manicure.

I got a sudden urge to laugh and not a courteous laugh but that hysterical laugh when you hear something absurd. But i resisted and faked a smile, ''I'm fine'' That's all you can muster up? Mariza you really can do better. I scolded myself internally.

She shook her head, ''I can understand the pain you've gone through but'' she pointed at me lying in the bed before resuming, ''I'm really sorry to say this at a really sensitive moment- i think it's better to tell you that you look really ugly right now'' she half-chuckled, ''I'll take you to my best beautician and will try to get you breast implants and a really hot makeover''

''Are you for real?'' I muttered perhaps shocked at her farce. Why would I get implants and that shitty makeover to impress a goddamn guy? That would absolutely vanish my chance to call other plastic faces 'fake'. I had no desire to get any of those things done- I really like my face to be free of heaps of make up and transformation.

She said innocently, ''Get well soon'' she was about to turn back when she stopped on her tracks and looked at me with a wise face, ''Listen, I want to put a full stop to all this bad blood between us'' her voice was surprisingly honest.


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