Selfish love
63 For fuck“s sake!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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63 For fuck“s sake!

Mariza POV

I was not stupid enough to delude myself into thinking that Tanya really wanted to become friends. I had every intention to end whatever this was between us if she did not have any furtive aim because I was really fed up with all this useless quarrel of everyday but I was not oblivious to the fact that she was not coming clean on this matter.

If she wanted to play this game then why should I back down? She may be an experienced player but after all the struggles in my life I had nothing to lose- In fact it was going to be interesting- It'll be a charade of wearing masks.

I definitely can do that so I faked a smile, ''It's about time you say something logical'' Why would she exactly want to bury the hatchet? Maybe she thought Valz actually liked her- what a misconception! But then what was the difference? I wasn't even sure if he liked me or not- I put all these thoughts to the back of my mind.

''Actually comparing yourself with me is an insult'' she said in a sugary tone.

So she wanted to talk like this? That's it- I'll show her what insult really is. I was about to retort when she chimed in a chirpy tone, ''Hey listen I gotta go'' she then looked at her watch and smirked, ''My boyfriend has been discharged'' That goddamn smirk!

She didn't wait for me to reply and pivoted on her heels and charged out of the room and I noticed that she had dyed her blonde hair with light brown streaks. Okay I'll giver her that- She looked gorgeous and her sense of style was on point- A little over the top but still pretty.

So Valz had been discharged finally but what about me? My head was throbbing- that was happening all the time. It was nothing new, My life was just like a movie with all genres included- Mostly sad with a glint of horror creatures disguised as humans, mysterious sometimes.

~After two days~

These two days were the worst days of my life in this hospital- I felt like a prisoner with all these nurses constantly injecting some strange thing in my body which numbed my senses and put me to slumber. I was grateful to Joe and Nate for staying with me despite the fact they could just go back to their grand houses and not giving a damn to my condition.

I was really nervous this time because I was aware of the fact that Tanya would be there and this time Valz would be with her- Besides, he considered Malifiya his mother. Previously he used to give her a shut up call whenever she spewed something absurd but now everything was changed.

''Ready Mariza?'' Joe asked in a low tone. It really disappointed me- he was not calling me Marz anymore- I stared at him taking in his look, his messy blonde hair falling on his forehead giving him a boyish look-

These days he had been by me like a rock and I wasn't sure why because we were just buddies who passed sarcastic comments to each other and not letting go a chance to make mockery of each other. He had revealed his soft side to me and for that I loved him with all my heart but not like I loved Valz.

Sometimes I really wanted to slap myself for liking a frosty person like Valz when Joe was there for me like a strong wall ready to knock anyone down for me. Why my heart had such a cold taste?

''She's in a daze bro'' Nate snickered. Joe rolled his eyes at his words and looked at me expressionlessly, ''I was actually asking you if you were ready for all the drama that would be happening in that motherfucking mansion?'' he muttered looking annoyed.

We were in the parking lot of hospital and I was wearing baggy jeans that maybe belonged to Kaveenza and I wondered how she was ready to give me those and the shirt was of Salvot which had a 'Fuck off' printed on it and I literally mortified to wear it and I kept putting a hand on my chest- Nate's eyes followed my actions and shook his head as if he was surprised, ''Damn it's not a big deal''

''You guys should have brought my own clothes rather than these weird ones'' I complained. Nate suddenly chimed, ''Oh that's imposs-''

''Can you shut the fuck up?'' Joe snapped. I cocked my eyebrow looking at them curiously. What were they hiding?

''Tell me what are you both hiding from me?'' I asked in a soft tone. Joe glared at me , ''Stop being nosy for fuck's sake Mariza!''

What had happened to him? Why was everyone being so strange.


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