Selfish love
64 Does it matter?
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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64 Does it matter?

Mariza POV

''You don't have to be such a dickhead'' I rambled in a loud tone. He ignored my words and furiously opened the car door of his black SUV dramatically, ''Sit in the goddamn car'' his voice seemed really frustrated, I was confused whether to feel sad for him or angry. I chose to play it safe by keeping my mouth shut and I also remained silent throughout the drive to Mansion.

Nate was talking to a girl named Anna on his mobile phone- he was unwaveringly talking in a flirtatious tone and at one point he asked her to send nudes. I shook my head and stared at Joe who was driving the car in a reckless manner like he was in some sort of hurry. I had an urge to ask him that what was bothering him but as a timid girl I am- I kept my mouth shut.

We finally reached there and I saw Paul looking at us or one can say me with a glower etched on his face. I hated this guy with all my guts because never in my wildest dreams I would have thought that he could have the audacity to put such a shameless blame on me.

I ignored his weird stares and got out of the car ready to go into my quarter room when Joe muttered, ''You cannot go there'' I froze and looked at him in a confused manner. If it was one of his lame games then I was about to lash out, ''Don't order me where to go and not where not to go'' I then got out of the car, Joe did the same and I resumed, ''Stop bossing around me''

''Woah calm down, my little lioness'' Nate said with a chuckle. Joe sighed, ''Come to me when you get over this bitchy attitude of yours'' he said huskily while lighting a cigarette.

I was about to apologize because I did really talked a like a moody cat but he sauntered away in a sullen mood. Nate smiled, ''Son of a bitch''

I slapped at his shoulder, ''Shut up!'' he rubbed there and said, ''I meant son of a step-bitch'' I asked with my voice full of concern, ''Where'd he go?'' No matter how much we fought and shouted- I could never see him like this.

''That's a secret baby'' he whispered moving a hand through his black hair- Sometimes I thought that Nate could be my brother as we both had jet-black hair. Yeah what a useless thinking.

''He's my friend- tell me Nate'' I asked and this time forcefully and with narrowed eyes. He shook his head, ''You don't know how he'll react if he gets to know that I've told that to you'' he then continued, ''I'm a loyal motherfucking friend so don't bother asking me those questions which I'm not going to answer you, Cinderella''

I didn't reply and rotated on my flats in an annoyed expression and went towards the quarter side- Nate really was a pain in the ass. I opened the lounge door and I stopped on my tracks unable to wrap my head around what my eyes were seeing. I wish i could unsee this spectacle making my eyes tingle.

Valz was kissing Kaveenza passionately and she was moaning while running her hands through his chest. She kept whispering, ''Fuck me Valz'' this alone was enough to break my heart.

I gasped a little and this froze their make-out session. Kaveenza's face blanched whereas, Valz made a face that screamed annoyance. The first thing that popped in my mind was that why Kaveenza was their in place of Tanya?

''You did not see it Mariza'' Kaveenza uttered these words like she had been caught of stealing a billion dollar car.

I tried to feign a confused laugh which came out more like a whimper, ''See what? You shoving your tongue in his throat?'' then I pointed at Valz with a bored expression, ''Or you trying to to grab her ass?'' That didn't go well with Valz and he stood up with a smirk on his face and came face to face with me until his forehead was a few inches away from mine. His light green eyes sparkling with something similar to mischief, ''Are you that same hospital girl?'' he obviously recognized me and still I looked no less like a tired soul.

''Does it matter?'' I said trying to sound nonchalant. He said in a mocking way, ''Damn are you both sisters?'' Yeah unfortunately.

''Yeah, she's my younger sister'' Kaveenza said trying to settle her hair which had become messy. He sounded amazed, ''So it means I can bang both of you?'' he grinned.

''You wish'' I muttered not making a big deal out of it. Kaveenza straightened her tank top and said, ''If you tell Tanya about this- I'll make sure that your life becomes hell'' her voice was menacing.

''Firstly, lay off this authoritative order of yours because I have better things to do than to complain about a shit piece like you who seems to fuck her friend's boyfriend behind her back- Seriously sometimes I think that if even a strange guy comes near you you'll mewl out his mouth not giving a damn even if he's a gay or not'' I then stepped a little forward maintaining my victorious smile, ''This guy has a shit taste in girls''


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