Selfish love
65 Nothing!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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65 Nothing!

Valz POV

This hospital girl was feisty enough to make this whole matter interesting- She was the opposite of her sister with those jet-black hair and pale complexion which had a glint of sun tan. Her eyes were hazel which reminded of someone but I couldn't get my mind-She really resembled someone close to me or maybe it was just my imagination.

She had the same freckles, hair and eyes that had been constantly coming in my dreams or God knows if it just was something else. This girl had some great curves which were covered with some weird tank top.

''Enough Mariza!'' Her annoying as fuck sister shouted and narrowed her eyes- Damn they really had some bad blood between them because I couldn't remember seeing two sisters being so mean to each other.

The hospital girl suddenly tensed up letting go her brave demeanor and right now it looked like she wanted to cry with moisture welling up in her eyes but she was resisting it and it amazed me to see her resistance against showing her weakness.

''I won't tell Tanya'' she whispered in a low voice looking tired.

''Hey hospital girl!'' I said with a smile. She looked at me with a sad expression on her face.

''Why don't you come to my football game tonight?'' I wasn't sure why i was inviting her because I wasn't used to requesting people-Hell I wasn't requesting her, just asking her to come.

Her sister looked surprised, ''You didn't invite me!'' her voice was accusatory like I had done a crime by not inviting her. I smirked and said mockingly, ''Fuck buddies aren't allowed baby''

The hospital girl shook her head, ''I just want to rest tonight'' she was about to charge into her room when she stopped suddenly and came face to face with me and neared her lips to my ears and whispered, ''Thank you, though''

Having said this she left the room before giving a heated glare to her sister.

Mariza POV

I really wanted to go there but i couldn't give into the temptation and refused him- he really needed to get a taste of his own medicine and to see how it felt to be rejected.

No i wanted to apologize to Joe but was stopped by Malifiya who had a condescending expression on her face. Her lip fillers and rhinoplasty made her look younger than she really was with her hair dyed with honey color.

''Don't be upset'' She said with a victorious smile, ''I warned you earlier that you weren't meant to be with him'' she paused for a second before resuming, ''I mean look at him with those greek god looks and an amazing future ahead-what do you have?'' she shook her head before snapping at me, ''Nothing!''

''What do you have?'' I counter-questioned her before saying, ''Other than nose and face surgeries?'' I snapped, ''Nothing!''

She made a tight expression and huffed out. This woman really brought the the worst out of me. I didn't wait for her reply and sauntered towards the mansion.


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