Selfish love
66 Sorry!
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Selfish love
Author :Meshal
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66 Sorry!

Mariza POV

I was not going to waste my time by asking Nate about Joe's whereabouts because he was only going to beat around the bush. I tentatively passed the kitchen and caught a glimpse of Tanya talking to someone on phone and if I was not wrong she was crying with tears profusely spilling from her eyes.

It can't be that she got to know about Valz and Kaveenza because I was the sole witness of their make out.

''I'm sorry'' She whimpered with a heavy voice. I wasn't planning on eavesdropping but i was curious so stayed their getting to know with whom she was talking.

She wiped her nose with a tissue, ''I promise no one will get to know about this'' her mascara had smeared and her lipstick was becoming light with that tear streaked face.

She then smiled a little, ''Love you too'' What the actual hell? was she talking to Valz? This made a ball of fury ignite inside me. So she actually loved him because she wouldn't have been crying if not.

I stepped back meticulously not wanting her to know about me spying on her. I went in to Joe's room thinking about how to apologize but he was not there.

''Joe I wan- I rotated on my back to see Zolly looking surprisingly at me as she didn't expect to see me ever but then I saw her expressions transform into apologetic. She stepped closer, ''Hey Mariza'' her voice was a low whisper as if she was ashamed. This was the first time after so many days I got to see that same vulnerable and friendly Zolly.

I forced a smile, ''How are you?'' what did she want now? Us to have a light-hearted conversation after everything she said to me. I did not have a big heart which could absorb every insult and rudeness of anyone close to me. Her sharp words caused something similar to physical pain inside me- That's what people say that your near and dear one's are the people who hurt you the most.

She shook her head in a depressed manner, ''Don't please'' a tear rolled down her cheek, ''Just don't pretend that you still like me- I-I'' her voice broke and she gazed at the floor ashamedly, ''You remember the time when one of the mean girls of our 7th grade Sasha?''

How could I forget that mean bitch- She made Zolly's life hell and never let go a chance to belittle her. I nodded my head and she resumed, ''She once made fun of me because I was too skinny and I didn't had the courage to retort but then you stood up with that angry expression and stood in front me like a firm rock ready to-'' she wiped her eyes, ''crusade anyone who messed with me and said, 'She is better than you wanna know why? because she doesn't pretend to be someone she isn't- she has that self-confidence that you don't have and I pity you guys' and the whole class was stunned?''

I half-smiled, ''She deserved that'' Zolly shook her head and said with a bile in her throat, ''That's not the point- you protected me, stood with me when even my brother left me with those preppy kids'' that was a sensitive topic because we ceased to talk about her brother issues a long time ago because her brother Derek was the most popular guy of our college and he was embarrassed of his sister's unpopularity.

''I know everything Mariza'' she whispered. I made a baffled expression, ''Know what?''

''Ryan's in jail- he told the truth that.......'' so everyone knew the truth about that night, ''What are you talking about? How is he in jail?''

''You don't know?'' she asked. I shook my head, ''Salvot was in search of Ryan for many days and when finally he found him- he made sure to beat him like hell and yeah Perrie was also arrested but they wanted the witnesses but Ryan himself uttered the truth.'' It satisfied me to some extent that they were arrested but the hell I had to go through could not be compensated by this.

''Wow- that's quite a progress'' I said a little sarcastically. I made a mental note to thank Salvot later.

''So do you forgive me?'' she asked hesitatingly.

''I wish i could but just give me some time because what you're doing is just like beating a cat and then uttering a useless sorry'' I said and resumed, ''I hope you understand this''

Her face fell, ''I am sorry Mariza'' she said desperately.

So was she going to pressurize me into making amends again? God knows why but she was irritating me to death. I left the room without a glance at her and left the mansion wanting to get some sleep.


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